“Come On Baby Get the Lighter, We’re Gonna Start a Fire…” – No Doubt

So one of my BFFs from college just moved to the city and I’m totally inspired by her motivation to decorate and make her small space chic and homey. My room often looks like a glorified door room and I think that maybe, just maybe, if I decided to kick it up a notch I might actually feel like an adult, ha. Maybe? Anyway, one of the things I love about C’s apartment is that she bought an electric fireplace! There’s nothing homier than a fireplace and yeah, they’re pretty rare to have in Manhattan…for obvious reasons. I automatically assumed it had to have cost big $, but she insisted that she found one online for under $500! Check out a similar one here. While I don’t have room currently, my next apartment is DEF gonna have some faux coziness.