Happy Birthday, Kim Kardashian!

Today, October 21st, marks the birth of the infamous Kim Kardashian.  Here’s what I would give the E! reality star, if I actually knew her…or actually cared to buy her something.  What do you get the woman that has everything?  Well…even more stuff.  Kanye whisked her off to Rome for the weekend where I’m sure she’ll be showered in all of the Italian fashion anyone could ever dream of.  What would you give Kim K for her b-day?

Tarte Picture Pefect Curler & Deluxe Light, Camera, Lashes Mascara: Probably one of the prettiest eyelash curlers ever and perfect for Kim since she’s known for her dramatic eyes.

Gucci Snap Luggage Tag: Since Kim travels so much, she definitely needs a luggage tag with some style.

Nicholas Kirkwood Pearl-Platform Satin Pump: I’m in absolute LOVE with these heels and can totally see Kim wearing them, in her black and white house.

Man-repelling Beauty Products (and why I’m a free bird)

As I get older, it gets harder and harder to deal with everyone else around me getting engaged, married and pregnant.  For years, I’ve tried to avoid growing up (hello, Los Angeles) but recently, I’ve realized that I’m eventually going to have to concede and maybe even get engaged, married and have babies myself. Sigh.  BUT there are a few things in life that I’ve decided that I will never do and one of them is having to “ask” permission to do something.  I’m a free bird!  I do what I want!  Always have been, always will be…and if I ever had to ASK someone permission to see a MOVIE, I might as well just die right then and there.  I don’t mean to judge but I DO mean judge…in fact, I’m pretty sure that I’ve made the same face (and thought the same thing) as Kristen Wiig in the Bridesmaids scene above when friends have said “oh I can’t go cause ____ doesn’t want me to.”  REALLY?  That’s a sad story.  You missed a good ____ cause, whatever it was/I did, I’m sure I had fun!

Anyway, this whole thing got me thinking to all of the fun man-repelling beauty and fashion things that I LOVE, that are known man-repellers.  If you’re not familiar with The Man Repeller blog, you should be.  Basically it proves that women love fashion trends and think they look hot but men…well, they don’t get it.  Countless magazines will tell you exactly what men don’t like but I say, WHO CARES?  Again, I do what I want…and here are my favorite man-repelling beauty products:

Crazy eyelashes: Sure, they’re kinda nuts to look at…and maybe they’re more for editorial but hey, I like eyelashes and these are REALLY fun.

Dark and neon nail polish: A few years back when black nail polish was at it’s point of chic-ness, I had a guy I knew actually ask me “what are you, goth now? Why are you wearing black nail polish?”  WHY?  Clearly you haven’t been reading every magazine and blog in AMERICA because it’s ALL ABOUT Chanel Black Satin, ok?

Sequins(!): I probably don’t even really have to explain this…men HATE sequins; they think sequins makes us look like disco balls.  Girls LOVE sequins.  That is all.

Bright lipstick: I think all of us have dreamed about looking like our Barbie dolls from back in the day, at one point or another…maybe that’s where this trend comes from (and I still love it).

The Beauty Products I’m Trying This Week

Here’s what I’m trying out this week:

Winks by Georgie Style No. 1: I always love the way my eyes pop when I wear faux lashes and the packaging for these is just so cute, I can’t help myself.  I’m gonna give these a whirl on Saturday night.

Dr. Hauschka Rosemary Leg & Arm Toner: I love, love, love Dr. Hauschka products and I’ve actually had this in my beauty arsenal for quite some time.  Right in time for summer bikini season, I’m curious to see if it truly does give my skin a “more youthful appearance.”  And, if it tones my arms and legs, well…even better.

Jane Iredale Magic Mitt: This facial towel claims to cleanse the skin with absolutely no cleanser– JUST the mitt.  I’m so curious on this one…especially since my skin airs on the dry, sensitive side.

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Eye Cream: There are so many anti-aging products on the market that it’s practically impossible to figure out what you really need in a skincare regimen.  I immediately grabbed up this product at the Lucky FABB conference last week once I saw the phrase “7-in-1.”  I mean, how can that be bad?  This product claims to fight dark circles, fine lines, puffy eyes, loss of firmess, uneven texture, uneven tone and dryness (yes, that’s 7 problems) in just one brush applicator.  Bring it on.