Redbook Magazine Celebrates Its May Kardashian Issue

So on Monday night I attended the Redbook magazine Kardashian party at Sunet Tower Hotel in Hollywood, a party to celebrate Redbook’s May cover – the six Kardashian women and baby Mason!  Truth be told, I love me some Kardashians so I was thrilled to receive an invite to this particular event.

I brought my friend Chelsea to the intimate event and we sipped white wine by the pool as we chatted with my friend Salvador and the gang from “Chelsea Lately,” who I obviously love, including the super hilarious and sweet Ross Matthews and Heather McDonald.

photo credit: Michael Williams


I’m off to New York!

So I’m off to New York for a week and I seriously can’t wait.  I haven’t seen my family since Christmas (with the brief exception of my Degree trip back in March)!  And ugh, my friends…I’m bursting with excitement.  I’m so excited, in fact, that I don’t even care that it’s going to be 97 degrees and HUMID.  Yeah, humidity is something I’d like to forget and nearly have forgotten since moving to LA.  Ah well, it will still be fun to catch up and roam around NY, 22 year old style.  Stay tuned for updates and follow me on Twitter to get the instant play-by-plays.

I’m pretty much going nomad-style and will be roaming all over from Long Island to Manhattan to Westchester and maybe even, gasp, New Jersey.

I’m off to New York!

So I’m off to New York today to spend the next 10 days with my family.  I may or may not end up blogging a bit, depending on time, but if I don’t, have a happy holiday and thanks so much for reading in 2009. =)