Summer Helpers

I love a nice lazy summer.  For me, summer is all about relaxation, the beach and not caring as much about the little things (e.g. brown roots, slightly dirty hair and uncomfortable shoes).  Here are three of my summer helper secrets:

Foot Petals: I’m obsessed with this life-saving product.  It can take shoes that normally destroy your feet to shoes that are actually comfortable.  They’re a miracle.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer for Highlights: My hair grows like a weed which makes getting my highlights touched up both annoying AND expensive.  This root concealer, made especially for highlights is great for helping me to get that extra week (or two!) before going back to the salon.

KENRA Platinum Dry Shampoo: I’m a big dry shampoo advocate and the KENRA version is pretty great.  I especially love that it has a UV defense duo, which helps protect against color fade.

Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme

So I’ve been using this product for years and I can’t even believe I never blogged about it before! Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme is the BEST foot cream I’ve ever tried- seriously, get this stuff now. The best thing to do is rub this cream on your feet and then put on a pair of cotton socks for an hour or so. When you take the socks off, your feet are silky smooth and soft.

Olay Thermal Pedicure

So lately I’ve had the woooorst dry feet as a result of wearing heeled boots every day. This self-heating exfoliator heats up on contact for a shocking and then warm and tingly sensation. I’ve tried many a foot scrub and this is definitely the best that I’ve tried so far…especially at the price! The Thermal Scrub uses Bora Bora white sand, pumice and micro-crystals to polish away dry skin cells. Whatttup Bermuda?

Celebrity Feet

So, in my opinion, there’s nothing creepier than a foot fetish. I stumbled upon this absolutely ridiculous Web site, FeetMagazine.com, where they actually zoom in on various celebrity feet while on the red carpet, filming, etc. A-mazing that people actually take that much time to care about something so stupid…but then I found myself curious to see WHO was un-pedicured on the infamous red carpet and WHO had ugly little toesies. Alas, I guess I’m one of those people I dispise so much…eh.

*Note: We certainly can’t add points to Feet Magazine for good journalism- “Laura Conrad.”