Currently Using (And Loving)


Moroccan Oil: This stuff has been a beauty industry staple, and I’ve had my bottle since the beginning.  But it’s only now that I’ve been consistantly using this stuff and guys, it is good.  Not only is the smell of this amazing (it is) but my ends are sleeker and easier to tame.

Lancome Flash Bronzer Anti-Age: I’ve blogged about this line before so I was elated when I found out they’re now making a face version that has SPF 15!  Lancome is just amazing and aside from the SPF, this self tanner doesn’t actually smell like a self tanner.  It has hints of jasmine and honey – two of my favorites.

Tarte Maracuja Blush & Glow: I’m a sucker for a two in one, always.  I love the way this tints my cheeks but here’s a secret – I also use it as a quick bronzer when I’m too lazy to use my Lancome (above).