What I’m Into This Week…










Liberal Arts – I watched this new movie randomly, on demand, and was left with the most AMAZING feeling when it was over.  It made me think back to all of the things that I miss about college but also appreciate all of the things that I’ve LEARNED since then.  The biggest takeaway: at one point Richard Jenkins’ character says, “I’ve felt 19 ever since I was 19 … Nobody feels like an adult; it’s the world’s dirty secret.” 














How to Meditate: A Guide to Self-Discovery – I recently re-watched Eat Pray Love, which obviously always sparks that inner “what am I doing with my life and where is it going” question.  I know it seems kind of silly to read a book on HOW to meditate cause, well, isn’t meditation just quiet time sitting with your legs crossed?  You would think.  I need to read a how-to book because I’m totally that girl in yoga that can’t relax and is constantly thinking “was that my iPhone that just went off?”














Sauteed Vegetables: It’s probably the dumbest thing ever but I tend to go through food phase obsessions and, right now, I can’t get enough sauteed vegetables.  Zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower…I don’t discriminate, it’s all delicious.



No Doubt “Push and Shove”: My love for all things No Doubt and Gwen Stefani is, of course, forever but I’m not biased when I say that Push and Shove is A-MAZING.  Seriously, No Doubt just gets better and better and I can’t wait to see them live on December 4th here in LA.

#InstaMoments of the Week

me, Salvador: Palm Springs weekend

My favorite piece of art at the Refine Mixers First Fridays Venice house

Notes from my friends make me happy

Blackened garlic shrimp salad. One of my favorites!

A throwback Thursday. Check out my mini golf game face…


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The Monday Rundown

Tobias Wong’s The Times of New York Candle: There’s something very old-school classy about reading a newspaper. This New York Times-inspired candle mimics the scent of newsprint and I’m totally obsessed. Act quickly, this candle is limited-edition.

Robyn Rhodes “Naomi” Earrings: These are supper summery and fun. I love the outer stitching and how you can make them match practically anything.

M.A.C Cosmetics SemiPrecious Mineralize Eye Shadow in “Unsurpassable”: I used to be so confused when I’d see all these colors swirled together and wonder how exactly they translate to any kind of shade on the skin. M.A.C has done an amazing job coming up with all sorts of fantastic color combos, my fave being this green/grey/purple combo.

Milk With Sprinkles: This is so simple yet so brilliant. What better way to encourage yourself (or kids) to get that extra calcium boost we all need?