Summer Helpers

I love a nice lazy summer.  For me, summer is all about relaxation, the beach and not caring as much about the little things (e.g. brown roots, slightly dirty hair and uncomfortable shoes).  Here are three of my summer helper secrets:

Foot Petals: I’m obsessed with this life-saving product.  It can take shoes that normally destroy your feet to shoes that are actually comfortable.  They’re a miracle.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer for Highlights: My hair grows like a weed which makes getting my highlights touched up both annoying AND expensive.  This root concealer, made especially for highlights is great for helping me to get that extra week (or two!) before going back to the salon.

KENRA Platinum Dry Shampoo: I’m a big dry shampoo advocate and the KENRA version is pretty great.  I especially love that it has a UV defense duo, which helps protect against color fade.

Foot Petals, to save my feet!

So I’m so not a heels girl.  I’m 5’6 and I’m also a New Yorker so yeah, heels have never really been a big part of my life…until I moved to LA.  Not that anyone is any taller here (believe me, they’re not) but since people drive everywhere, it’s much easier to go out and where heels for a longer period of time.  This is where Foot Petals come into my life, thank god.

I’ve recently bought a few new pairs of heels but have been hesitant to wear them since yeah, my feet still hurt…even with the driving.  I recently tried out the Tip Toes, which supports the ball of the foot, at the VMAs and I’m not kidding when I say, it was a life-saver.  Get a set for every pair of heels you own ASAP.