Functionalab Zen Nutrient Tonic

So if there’s one word to describe my new LA attitude, it’s “zen.”  Ok, well maybe not exactly zen…but defintely more zen than I’ve been in a VERY long time. People, I even take VITAMINS now.  This is major.  I recently tried out Functionalab Zen Nutrient Tonic, thinking that hey, it just might make me even more relaxed, right?  100% correct.  At only 23 calories, Zen Tonic is a carefully selected mix of phytonutrients, including berry extract, passion flower, citrus aurantium, lemon balm and hawthorn designed to help promote a peaceful state of mind.  Passion flower leaves and roots have long been used by Native Americans to make infusions that provide a state of relaxation and peaceful state of mind.  I’ll definitely be drinking this more often.