The Fourth Annual Anti-Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

It’s funny because I don’t enjoy doing gift guides…I always feel like there’s just so much pressure to find the most perfect gifts but, for some reason, I always REALLY look forward to my Anti-Valentine’s Day guide.  I can’t even believe this is the FOURTH edition…I mean, if you need to catch up here’s one, two and three, oh, how times flies when you’re having fun.  The truth of the matter is that I actually considered NOT doing something anti V-day this year, mostly because I went on three really good dates with a guy and was actually feeling like MAYBE I’d have a Valentine this year.  Well, that thought was quickly destroyed and so, on with tradition.  With out any further ado, here’s the fourth annual anti-Valentine’s Day gift guide:

I’m usually more of a chocolate girl but when I heard that Sugarfina came out with their own Anti-Valentine’s Gift Set, how could I resist?  I ordered the trio yes, for myself, and definitely enjoyed the all three…but the frogs (e.g. Stop Kissing Frogs) was totally my fave.  And ladies, don’t forget, there really ARE “plenty of fish in the sea.”

The HBO show Girls…well, I’m obsessed, to say the least, but from what I’ve observed…men really hate this show.  Maybe “hate” is a strong word but I’d say “dislike” or “confused by” would be a fair assessment.  

Friend’s BF: I don’t get it…they’re all really unattractive and gross.  
Me: You wouldn’t get it…it’s REAL.

Deborah Lippmann created four fun nail polish shades, inspired by each character on the show…all of which I deam totally on point, by the way.

Oh, Ryan Gosling.  You have your own coloring book…and it’s fantastic.  The Ryan Gosling obsession annoys me to the absolute fullest so if you’re single this V-day, why not enjoy some Ryan on your time.  

With the help of Mr. Chakraa new, interactive website from Aveda, you will be given the tools you need to find the balance you deserve. Mr. Chakra will reveal energy-aligning tips that include guided meditationbreathing techniques, mantra usage and personal nutrition. He’ll also lead you to the Aveda Chakra Balancing Body Massage at Aveda Spas and recommend your ideal Aveda Chakra Balancing Body Mist. I encourage you to take sensory journey – I’m chakra #5, in case you were wondering.

Holiday Gift Guide: what to get your cray BFF

1. Baked by Melissa cupcakes: NO ONE can resist these little babies.  I’m obsessed.

2. Catchphrase Photo Albums: Her life is probably “cray,” “amaze” and “fab” so it’s only natural that she’d love this photo album set.

3. Corksicle: Probably the best invention of 2012; I need one myself.  This thing not only corks your open wine but it also chills it. Score.

4. Rebecca Minkoff Best Friends iPhone Case Set: Kinda cheesy but also kinda awesome.  I still remember wearing a gold “BFF” necklace back in elementary school with my BFFs of the moment. Ahhh, nostalgia.  This is the modern-day version, for sure.

5. Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling coloring book: He may have been snubbed for People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” but hey, he’s got a coloring book…so I say that’s a big, gigantic WIN.

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Third Annual Anti-Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Here it was the first year…and here it was the second.  Welcome to my third installation of my annual Anti-Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.  I don’t do these because I’m down on love (I love love!) but instead, I like to find gifts that help me treat ME on Valentine’s Day.  These are things that I want and would probably make my boyfriend buy me anyway…if I had one. Ha.  That’s a totally different story…

CC Skye “Pour Some Sugar On Me” lyric bangle (not yet available)

Baked By Melissa by Betsy Johnson Mini Cupcakes

YSL VOLUPTE Sheer Candy Glossy Balm Crystal Color

La Verite white lace bra

Miguelina Hot Pink Scarf

Holiday Gift Guide: The Quirky BFF

Truth be told, I guess I AM the quirky BFF cause I adore everything in this post and want it for myself.

Juicy Couture TXT Me Leather Gloves, $98 – How could I just be hearing of these?  If I still lived in a place where it dropped below 50 degrees, I’d be sooooo into these.  If you’re on the right coast, you need these. NOW.

Gaga’s Workshop Barney’s New York Chocolate Cupcake Pops, $20 – Besides the fact that I adore Lady Gaga (and Barney’s, at that!), these cake pops are everything.  AND, as a bonus, 25% of the proceeds from all sales at Gaga’s Workshop go to Lady Gaga’s new Born This Way Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to empowering youth through mentorship and career development.

LUSH The Jilted Elf Jelly, $11 – Inspired by fig, honey and vodka cocktails, the Jilted Elf is pretty much my definition of amazing.

West Elm Chalkboard Scented Candle Pot, $25 – First, I love candles.  And second, I love that you can write, chalk board-style, on this particular version.  Personalize the candle for your BFF with a funny moment or inspiring quote.