Koh Gen Doh Cleansing Spa Cloths- a favorite of “Glee” stars!

So I’ve been using Koh Gen Do’s Cleansing Spa Cloths for the past few days, which is why I was super excited when I heard the news that the cast of Glee loves them almost as much as I do.  According to their makeup artist, Jennifer Greenberg, ‘the Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water Cloths are the best that I have used.  Our actors on Glee also love them and we can barely keep them stocked.”

What’s great about these cloths (and I’ve tried them all) is that the cloth itself is organic and contains mineral-rich cleansing spa water that wipes away makeup and skin impurities.  The thermal water is from Yumura Hot Springs in Izumo Japan, which I love because I had the best baths EVER while traveling through Japan.  As soon as this hits the presses, I’m sure Gleeks everywhere will be running to Barneys. 🙂

Celeb Crush: Puck from Glee

So I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this but I kind of have a crush on Puck from Glee.  I know.  Mortifying.  Puck has a real name and it’s Mark Salling.  I’m sure I wouldn’t find Mark half as charming as I find Puck…which further proves how completely messed up I am when it comes to men!  Of course I’m attracted to the rude, bad-ass with a mohawk.  So typical.  And don’t judge me…he’s 26 in real life.  Check out this video of him singing “Sweet Caroline.”  Melting.