Goals For 2013 (And Beyond)

For the past few months (ok, since January), I’ve been really toiling over the direction that I want my life to go in, HELLO quarter life crisis.  Most of the time, it feels like it’s a constant uphill battle to be a better person, be an ideal employee, be a better blogger, be the best sister, daughter, aunt, etc. and it can become just SO daunting.  I stumbled across this blogger series on 101 Goals and decided that I wanted to write my own…but for 2013 and beyond, not just for this particular year.  And also, I definitely don’t have 101 goals cause that just seems really unrealistic, ha.  So, here they are and, in case you want to write your own, I used this really helpful goals organizer PDF.  What are some of your goals?

Venice Canals
Catalina Island (again!)
Big Sur, CA
South Africa
Happy hours Downtown and Century City
Spend more time at the beach
Go out more in Santa Monica (Bungalow) and Venice (Venice Yacht Club)

Pay off credit cards
Contribute more to my 401K
Save more money

Spend more time at the gym
Get bi-monthly massages
Box more often
Continue to take ballet classes
Hike Runyon Canyon more often

Become fluent in Italian
Mix a proper cocktail
Play tennis
Get scuba certified
Grow tomatoes on my balcony
Focus on the present
How to floss every day (shhh, don’t tell my dentist)

Skydive (round 4)
Throw a dinner party and/or game night
Ask a guy out
Talk to strangers more often
Visit the Orange County gun range

Continue to volunteer
Make five new friends
Continue to be open-minded to dating different types of guys
Give 10 “just because” gifts to my friends
Make sure I see my family at least four times a year (at least!)

Do at least two blogs posts per day
Do one YouTube video per week
Continue working with brands that I love
Host more events
Work on my book more often
Impress my boss (at my full time job) at least once a week!

Read more “classic” books
Take my vitamins daily
Eat breakfast daily
Use my roof more often (pool, jacuzzi, swim laps, etc.)
Get a photo of me illustrated and framed
Clean my apartment more often
Find out my blood type (random, I know)
Organize and save my digital photos
Finish decorating my apartment
Create a gallery wall in my living room