Graduation Gifts

Ah, graduation.  I just got back from a quick weekend trip to New York and during my visit, I visited my friend Vanessa at Hofstra, my alma mater.  Vanessa lives in an apartment on campus as a professional resident director which, in my opinon, is totally bitter sweet.  I would’ve killed to be able to stay in college and live that lifestyle for a few extra years but at this point, at 28 (or 29 for V), she’s started calling the students “the kids” and says she feels like an old woman around them.  I totally get it. And, I digress.  It was nice to visit Hofstra, a place that I still consider to be the happiest four years of my adult life, but I’ve definitely moved past that point and I think I’ve finally let go a bit and realized that my memories there are mine and they’ll last forever or as long as I want them to.

Cheesy rant aside, this got me thinking about graduation gifts.  Of course, money will always be the number one gift of choice but I’ve also come up with a few more creative gifts that any grad would be thrilled to receive.

“Do what you love, love what you do” pillow: This is an excellent motto for any optimistic graduate.

David’s Cookies Cookie of the Month Club: Um, I can’t think of anything more exciting than getting a new batch of delicious cookies mailed to me every month.  In fact, I’m thinking about gifting this to myself.

Wine Grape Bosai Tree: This is both a challenge and entertainment.  I’ve always had a hard time keeping plants alive and since this plant actually grows wine grapes, it would be fun to see if I can get the grapes to actually grow.

“Thrilled For You!” Wine: No card necessary.  I love that the bottle expresses exactly what you want to say…and what college graduate doesn’t love wine?

Tory Burch business card holder: Getting a little profesh here.  I love Tory’s business card holders and if any entry-level candidate whipped out one of these on an interview, I’d be super impressed.