You’ve Heard of Revenge Sex…But How About Revenge Beauty?

After getting dumped (or generally just treated like crap), everyone will react differently; some girls will eat tons of junk food, others go shopping and splurge on beauty treatments.  The latter is THIS GIRL right here.  For the amount of money that I’ve spent pampering myself out of depression over the past few years, I could seriously buy a townhouse in SoHo.  I wish I were kidding…but here it is, sometimes (ok, most of the time) treating myself just makes me FEEL BETTER and there’s nothing wrong with that.  So basically, I take the whole “treat yo self” from Parks and Recreation thing to a whole other level after some douchebag decides that he’s “just not that into me” or stops calling.  Here’s a breakdown of what I do for my revenge beauty treatment:

Step 1: Book a massage appointment somewhere fancy, and with a male masseuse.

I don’t really have to explain why massages are awesome.  For one, it’ll help you relax and you’ll start thinking about how that asshole didn’t know how to give a proper massage and how much hotter your male masseuse is, compared to that dick you now hate.  And here’s a tip, if they ask you what area you want to focus on, say you feel tension in your lower back…this means that you’ll probably end up getting your butt massaged which, I can’t lie, feels pretty amazing.

Step 2: Buy that really expensive beauty product that you previously said “I can’t. It’s too much for what it is” to.  I don’t know what it is about face masks but I just can’t bring myself to buy them.  I read about Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask in a few magazines but when I realized that the mask costs $34, I didn’t buy it.  It’s actually not THAT much money, in beauty terms, but I’ve always held strong when it comes to face masks since I don’t feel like they actually ever DO anything to my face.  But when you’re in beauty revenge mode, you buy that shit right this minute.  And here I am…black face mask and all my beauty revenge glory:

Step 3: Drink.  It’s a simple one but drink those high-calorie drinks that you normally pass up for a vodka soda.  Mimosas!  Margaritas!  Hell, even go for a Strawberry Daiquiri if that’s your deal.  And, if you’re in New York City, I can even do you one better.  The wine-based skincare line Caudalie has a spa at the Plaza Hotel where they actually do wine-based treatments and even serve wine in the relaxation/waiting area.  I’ve been.  And it’s glorious, trust me.  You can kill two birds with one stone (steps 1 and 3, and maybe even step 2) just by going there.  The Dry Body Fresh Grape Massage is amazing, though very sticky, and you can pretty much get wasted before and after the massage actually takes place.

Step 4: Get a blow out.  Nothing, I repeat NOTHING will make you feel better than having good hair.  Put on your favorite yoga pants and tank top (you don’t even need to get dressed, really) and get your hair blown out at a fancy salon or blow dry bar.  I promise you, you’ll instantly feel chic and put together.

Step 5: Buy a ridiculously frivolous piece of “fine leather goods.”  Parks and Recreation said it right.  Men don’t understand why we buy pointless small leather shit so NOW is the time to buy that weird Gucci heart-shaped coin purse (who carries a coin purse?) or that Tory Burch shoe key chain, just because those infamous ballet flats make you remember your college glory days.  DO IT.  Enjoy your coin purse and shoe key chain.  The next guy will appreciate them, too…but probably not really.

2013 Oscars Fashion: My Favorites

I’m loving the slight drama of these dress trains…and, of course, the colors are amazing as well.
Jennifer Garner in Gucci Première, Charlize Theron in Dior, Olivia Munn in Marchesa

I’m definitely drawn to sharp details and sparkle, which is why I’m obsessing over these three dresses.  Sure, Salma Hayek should’ve ditched the tiara (WTF) but other than that, the dress is fabulous.
Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen, Naomi Watts in Armani Prive, Halle Berry in Atelier Versace

Special shout out to Jessica Chastain for being able to pull off this amazing Armani Prive dress.  Girl, that color isn’t easy to rock for us pale girls.  She looked amazing. 

Happy Birthday, Kim Kardashian!

Today, October 21st, marks the birth of the infamous Kim Kardashian.  Here’s what I would give the E! reality star, if I actually knew her…or actually cared to buy her something.  What do you get the woman that has everything?  Well…even more stuff.  Kanye whisked her off to Rome for the weekend where I’m sure she’ll be showered in all of the Italian fashion anyone could ever dream of.  What would you give Kim K for her b-day?

Tarte Picture Pefect Curler & Deluxe Light, Camera, Lashes Mascara: Probably one of the prettiest eyelash curlers ever and perfect for Kim since she’s known for her dramatic eyes.

Gucci Snap Luggage Tag: Since Kim travels so much, she definitely needs a luggage tag with some style.

Nicholas Kirkwood Pearl-Platform Satin Pump: I’m in absolute LOVE with these heels and can totally see Kim wearing them, in her black and white house.

Obsession: Gucci Spring 2011 Two-tone Silk Harness Dress

Jennifer Lopez wore this a-pause-mazing Spring 2011 Gucci dress a few months ago to a charity event and I swear to god, every time I see this photo, I kind of melt.  I’m obsessed with the gorgeous green skirt-like bottom with the dark black contrast on top.  Be warned, I’m now on the prowl for an emerald green skirt.  Tweet me if you find anything close cause so far I’ve only found this similar look from Diane von Furstenberg.

photo: Gucci Spring 2011 runway; Jennifer Lopez

LUSH and Gucci For Japan Relief

So by now everyone knows about the terrible state Japan is currently in.  I was awake when the news broke about the earthquakes and tsunami that hit Japan and I sat in terror and utter fear thinking about how scared the people of Japan must’ve been.  I studied abroad in Japan in winter of 2004 and I have to say, as someone who has traveled all over the world and has been to four continents, Japan is one of the most amazing, dynamic and unique places that I’ve traveled to.  It truly saddens me what Japanese citizens are facing but, at the same time, I’m also happy to see that brands are doing what they can to contribute.

Two of my favorite products?  LUSH Charity Pot which retaisl for $5 (all proceeds go to Peace Boat, a non-profit dedicated to transporting aid to those affected by the disaster) and Gucci’s limited-edition calfskin bracelet that reads “Gucci loves you.”  And yes, Gucci does love you, Japan.  In fact, while traveling around Japan, I’ve never seen more Gucci in my life so I can’t think of a better statement to make to support the Japanese people.  Gucci’s bracelet launces TODAY for $100 (quite the bargain for Gucci) and features the colors of the Japanese flag (red and white).  All proceeds will benefit the Red Cross.

Image: courtesy of InStyle.com

The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

So like I mentioned last week, I was invited to attend this year’s 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, courtesy of the fabulous Gucci Guilty fragrance.  Me = seriously ecstatic.  We met beforehand for some cocktails and apps at one of my favorites, Katsuya downtown, which just so happens to be right next to the Nokia Theater, site of the VMA’s.  As I sat and chatted with other blogger and web friends, it kind of hit me how totally lucky I am to get to attend such amazing events in LA…and when Katsuya gets brought into the mix, well there’s no going back from there.

After I stuffed myself with Katsuya’s Baked Crab roll and Crispy Rice Spicy Tuna, we headed over to the show and went up to a VIP area, where they served even more food and alas, open bar.  Heaven!  Once the show started, I knew we were all in for a treat- my obsession with Chelsea Handler only grew stronger after such an amazing show…who doesn’t love a good meat-based dress, no?  But what would an award show post be without a little fashion recap?  Here are my three favorite looks from the night:

Audrina Patridge in this sparkly silver number…I have to say, I’m not always a fan of what Audrina wears but this dress is eye-catching and definitely VMA appropriate.

Evan Rachel Wood looks amaze in this subtle leopard Gucci number from Spring Resort 2011.  Evan also happens to be the face of Gucci Guilty but I’m totally not biased…love this dress.

Ashley Greene.  Well, normally this dress would be a little too frou-frou perfect for my taste but in this case, I like it.  It’s age-appropriate and I love the black and white.

The thing about the VMA’s is that they’re about fun, not necessarily high fashion.  A fun, sparkly, short dress is always a sure bet for the white carpet.  I was lucky enough to be sent an amazing little number from Nuova Vita and I’m totally into it.  This dress line is fab because the dresses come in several different colors and can be worn more than TWELVE ways.  Seriously. I was a little confused at first but I check out the site’s very idiot-proof videos and now I’m a dress-wrapping pro.  I opted for the one shoulder (a la Kim Kardashian) for this particular VMA event and mixed the cranberry color with pretty turquoise vintage earrings that my friend Tiffany got me for my birthday.  I can’t wait to try out the eleven other ways to wear this baby.

me wearing Nuova Vita

(photo courtesy of Jen Cady)



Blue Eyeshadow Is Back…According to Gucci

So is blue eyeshadow making a big comeback? Personally, I’ve always loved the whole 80s crazy colored eyeshadow thang but then there have always been those people who said blue blue eyeshadow is the beauty equivalent of wearing white after Labor Day. Who knows? I think rules are silly and as long as you look GOOD, who cares? Right? This image is from the Spring 2009 Gucci Ready to Wear show and I’m really LOVING the whole look. For a scaled down version, try using just blue eyeliner, similar to this one from MAC.