Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. Collaborates With Burton!

Given the nasty winter weather that’s been happening in New York, this news is totally appropriate; my Gwenie Gwen Gwen is set to collaborate with Burton, coming this September!  According to WWD, the line includes parkas trimmed with the Gwen’s signature Rasta stripes or houndstooth patterns, as well as punky details like oversize zippers and military quilting…which sounds like pretty much the only thing that would motivate me to move back to the cold weather.  
Wholesale prices will range from $20 for an acrylic beanie to $180 for a down jacket.  “We worked really hard on the pants. You don’t think of snowboarding pants as being superflattering by nature so we tried to mix masculine and feminine, which we always do, and give them a really cute fit, then added a tuxedo stripe for that edge,” said Stefani.  Sign me up.

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What I’m Into This Week…










Liberal Arts – I watched this new movie randomly, on demand, and was left with the most AMAZING feeling when it was over.  It made me think back to all of the things that I miss about college but also appreciate all of the things that I’ve LEARNED since then.  The biggest takeaway: at one point Richard Jenkins’ character says, “I’ve felt 19 ever since I was 19 … Nobody feels like an adult; it’s the world’s dirty secret.” 














How to Meditate: A Guide to Self-Discovery – I recently re-watched Eat Pray Love, which obviously always sparks that inner “what am I doing with my life and where is it going” question.  I know it seems kind of silly to read a book on HOW to meditate cause, well, isn’t meditation just quiet time sitting with your legs crossed?  You would think.  I need to read a how-to book because I’m totally that girl in yoga that can’t relax and is constantly thinking “was that my iPhone that just went off?”














Sauteed Vegetables: It’s probably the dumbest thing ever but I tend to go through food phase obsessions and, right now, I can’t get enough sauteed vegetables.  Zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower…I don’t discriminate, it’s all delicious.



No Doubt “Push and Shove”: My love for all things No Doubt and Gwen Stefani is, of course, forever but I’m not biased when I say that Push and Shove is A-MAZING.  Seriously, No Doubt just gets better and better and I can’t wait to see them live on December 4th here in LA.

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Gwen Stefani on the September cover of Harper’s Bazaar!

I love, love, love Gwen Stefani and really, any time she graces the cover of a magazine, I melt a little bit inside.  You can read the full article here and highlights are below.

On her body:

While she is (no pun intended) no doubt proud of her physique, it’s not Gwen’s favorite topic of conversation. “I hate talking about my body [all the time]; it’s ridiculous,” she says, referring to the number of times someone has asked how to get her six-pack abs. “There is no secret: You just have to eat healthy, work out, and torture yourself!” Jumping around onstage for a few hours for thousands of screaming fans is great cardio, and she says she hits the gym when her hectic mother-of-two schedule allows. “But it’s more for my brain than it is for my body.” Not that it’s all about mental health. On how she stays sample-size: “I like to wear clothes too much, so I try to keep focused.”

On her platinum blonde hair:

“Do you think Marilyn Monroe had to talk about this?” she asks, smiling. “Well, I heard she did hers with a Q-tip every 10 days, so I try to follow Marilyn’s rule.” I mention that she’s never been photographed with dark roots, and she points to the houndstooth fedora she is wearing. “And you’ll never see me with roots either.”

On why she’s in it for the music:

“We didn’t even do it because we were trying to make it. Now everybody wants to be famous. It doesn’t even matter what you do,” Gwen says. “Let me tell you how that first record happened: My boyfriend had broken up with me and I was devastated, so I wrote all these songs. I didn’t even know I could write. I was just a girl who was in love with this guy, then suddenly I’m a songwriter, and I’ve gotten you back so good. I went from being nothing, from being an ordinary, nerdy girl, to having power.”

I Found It! Gwen Stefani’s Lipgloss from No Doubt’s new “Settle Down” music video

We all know about my Gwen Stefani obsession so, naturally, when I watched No Doubt’s brand new video for their first single “Settle Down,” I was like PAUSE. WHAT lipgloss is she using?  Gwennie is a spokesperson for L’Oreal so after doing some digging, I discovered that she’s using L’Oreal Infallable 8 HR Le Gloss in “Red Fatale.”

It’s been 11 LONG years since No Doubt’s last album and I’m super pumped for the release of “Push and Shove” on September 25th and, of course, for the tour. Duh.

You can watch the “Settle Down” video HERE.

Beauty Rebellions! (and why I’ll never bleach my eyebrows, hate eyelash curlers and why I wear makeup to the gym)

Everyone has them…they’re your dark little beauty secrets that you don’t share with anyone.  There are certain things that a woman has to stick to, even when society (or a highly acclaimed stylist/makeup artist) tells you differently, and guys, I’ve somehow convinced some of the top beauty and style bloggers to share their dark secrets right here on my blog.

As for me?  Well, I absolutely REFUSE to bleach my eyebrows or use an eyelash curler…oh, and I wear makeup to the gym.  Yeah, I said it.  Let’s start with eyebrow bleaching.  I’m not a natural blonde (and it is NO SECRET) but, for some reason, certain colorists become obsessed with trying to convince me that my brows need to match my hair color.  NO, just no.  Back in my formative blonde years, I let myself get convinced once or twice and every time, you know what I got?  Orange eyebrows.  So now, whenever some celeb colorist tried to change my mind I just simply ask “have you ever heard of a little rock star/fashion icon named Gwen Stefani?  Thank you and, yes, I’ll take another glass of champagne.”  Eyelash curlers – I consider them modern day torture devices.  I always thought that I just didn’t really know how to use one or the one I had wasn’t good quality — NO.  I bought the Shu Uemura version that everyone raves about and you know…I still hate curling my eyelashes.  Granted, I am blessed with naturally long, dark lashes (poor me, I know) so perhaps I would deem it necessary to curl them if I was in a different sitch BUT, for now, I’m down on eyelash curling.  Lastly, I look my derm straight in the face when I tell him that I wear makeup to the gym.  Countless derms and beauty editors will tell you not to do it.  “It will clog your pores!”  “You will break out!”  Well you know what?  I have rosacea and post-acne marks (aka hyperpigmentation) and there are hot dudes at the gym.  So what if I wear a little mineral foundation or a tiny bit of tinted moisturizer (with SPF!)?  Last night’s eyeliner is only included by default, mind you.  In the famous words of Deena from Jersey Shore, “Get off me.”

Aly Walansky, MyGloss.com:

I have a million cleansers I could/should use, but two or three nights a week, I come home tired/drunk/lazy and don’t wash my face before going to bed. (Shameful, I know!)

Amber Katz, BeautyBloggingJunkie.com:

I RARELY wear body lotion. Only when I know I’m making out or on the weekends when I have time to let it fully absorb before putting on clothes. Jeans over damp lotion makes me want to DIE.

Andrea Arterbery, GlamazonsBlog.com:

I refuse to wear blush. I hate it. I will highlight the shit out of my cheeks with bronzer and illuminating powder but that’s about it. I feel like that’s all I need in life anyways. Blush just makes me look clownish. Ew.

Andrea Lavinthal, UsMagazine.com:

I wash off everything but my eye makeup when I have a sleepover with my (newish) boyfriend. I don’t know if seeing me without my eyelashes curled and whatnot is a dealbreaker for him, but I’m not taking any chances. #freshandsexy

Anne Fritz, TheJetSetGirls.com:

I hate conditioner. My hair is fine and without a little texture and damage, it can’t hold a style. I have relented a bit and use it on my ends, but woe to the person who comes near me with a hair mask.

Annie Tomlin, BellaSugar.com:

I get manicures only when I really have to. I just don’t have the time or inclination. L-A-Z-Y, I ain’t got no alibi.

Dina Fierro, Eye4Style.com:

I’m admittedly blessed with hair that just sort of does what it does, if you know what I mean. That said, I DO use a flat iron on my bangs daily, and god forbid I ever a) use a heat protectant or hey, b) wait for them to dry. Patience is not a virtue in my world.

Jeannine Morris, BeautySweetSpot.com:

I rarely ever wash my makeup brushes (ew, I know).

Kaitlyn Dreyling, BeautyBlitz.com:

I never use hand cream. I’ve self-diagnosed myself with hyperhidrosis, so I fear adding any hydration to my already clammy palms, thus my cuticles suffer, but acetone is the best.

Kristen Turner, GlitterNGlue.com:

Sometimes I get lazy and instead of removing my nail polish, I just paint over it. By the time I get to the salon the manicurist is shooting me major side-eye as she’s removing layer upon layer upon layer of different nail polish colors.

Kristin Booker, FashionStyleBeauty.com:

I will never get laser hair removal on anything but my face – Someone told me that Kim Kardashian gets her whole body lasered. YIKES. No, the chin and jaw line are enough for me, thanks. I cannot image the pain. You’d have to dip me in aloe vera from my armpits afterwards. NO THANKS.

Nadine Jolie, NadineJolie.com:

I haven’t used shaving cream since college. Back when I was younger and more precious about my skin, I’d run a hot shower, let the steam and water do its thing, use a fresh razor every 2 or 3 shaves… Now, I swipe the razor (inevitably a month and, like, 20 uses past its prime) all over in about 8 seconds and then call it a day. My thighs, meanwhile, have not been shaved since I was 16 (thank God for blonde hair). I haven’t downgraded to shaving in the sink yet, but it’s probably the ghost of Christmas future.

Rachel Adler, BeautyHigh.com:

Even though it’s a major faux paus, I always leave my apartment with my hair wet. Hardly ever sopping, but always a tiny bit wet. I have curly hair and spending time diffusing it in the morning is just time I don’t want to waste.

Sydne Summer, SydneStyle.com:

I refuse to use eye makeup remover. I don’t even own any! I secretly love waking up with night-before-makeup. I just wipe the smudges under my eyes away and bam! It’s a Kate Moss smoky eye without trying.

Tell me and the girls, what are YOUR beauty rebellions?