Beer Shampoo? YES, please.

I pretty much called it back in 2008 when I wrote THIS POST.  See?  Beer is good for your hair, guys.  In fact, it’s so good that three brands even created beer-infused shampoos and are selling them.  The verdict?  They’re all pretty awesome because, as we already knew, beer has a ton of ingredients that are good for creating smooth, shiny hair with lots of volume and strength.

LUSH Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo: It’s made with organic vegan stout beer from a local brewery (how LA) and contains protein that will give your hair weight, smoothness and tons of shine.

BROO Citrus Pale Ale Shampoo: I guess the organic vegan movement is really happening with beer shampoo cause this version is also all things natural.  No parabens, silicones, etc. and they went a step ahead and even added a “slice” of citrus scent to give you that Blue Moon scent.

REDKEN Clean Brew Extra Cleaning Shampoo: I love how squeaky clean my scalp felt after using this shampoo.  On top of the orangey scent, the anti grit technology uses a premium blend of malt and brewer’s yeast to eliminate dirt and oil on the scalp.

Alterna Caviar Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve had these two products in my beauty aresenal (aka my beauty closet) for awhile now but I recently decided to pull them into the rotation after feeling like the current shampoo/conditioner I was using wasn’t working the way that it used to.  The Alterna Caviar Blonde Shampoo is pretty much my new favorite thing (and let’s not forget the conditoner!).  It’s formulated to help eliminate brassiness in blonde hair (hence, the purple shade) and it’s infused with seasilk and Alterna’s age-control complex, that helps fight hair’s aging process.  And, it’s also sulfate-free which will come in handy when I get my extensions put back in…yes, ladies, I’m getting my beloved extensions back in the next few weeks so stay tuned!



LiQWD Professional Q-Keratin Smoothing Treatment

So I’ve written before about how great LiQWD products are and now I’m currently obsessing over their Professional Q-Keratin Smoothing Treatment.  After the Brazilian Blowout backlash, it’s amazing to find a product that’s 100% free of formaldehyde (all aldehydes, in fact) and methylene glycol, which are all ingredients that are in the Brazilian Blowout and totally bad for your health.  The Q-Keratin Smoothing Treatment lasts for 12 weeks and I love the fact that it doesn’t make your hair stick-straight (so 2002), but will instead completely get rid of any frizz, otherwise known as my mortal enemy.  You can still wear your hair straight, wavy, curly, etc. but minus the disgusting poof.

According to LiQWD, they use a quinoa protein, which has a very heavy molecular weight and bonds to both the keratin already in the hair, as well as the keratin in the product.  Very weird science but also very genius.


Contest Alert! LiQWD Facebook giveaway!

So LiQWD, one of my favorite hair brands, is doing a pretty awesome product giveaway that I had to share.  One winner will get a “Mega-Moisture” wardrobe of LiQWD’s hydration products, worth over $150, which includes the Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, Professional Smoothing Catalyst, LiQWDITY Intensive Hair Repair and SLiQWD (my personal fave)!

To enter, simply visit LiQWD’s Facebook page and click on the Sweepstakes tab.  Good luck!