The Best Hangover Prevention for New Year’s Eve

I was totally skeptical when I got a pitch about Mercy, a new hangover prevention drink made with a blend of amino acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins.  The beverage is designed to basically replenish key nutrients in your body that get lost when too much alcohol is consumed.  I mean, I’ve heard it ALL…and most of the things that I’ve tried do NOT work.  I decided to give Mercy a try during a night that I knew I would most definitely be hungover the next day – my office holiday party in Palm Springs.  I enlisted my friends Devon and Nicole, giving them each their own can, and we decided that we would truly put Mercy to the test that night.

The result?  NO HANGOVERS.  For the sake of full disclousure, I didn’t finish the entire can because I forgot to put it in the fridge (and it wasn’t really at it’s best while warm) BUT what I love about this drink is that you can actually use it as a chaser and mix it with your booze and it still has the same affect.  Genius.  Devon and Nicole agree.  This is a New Year’s Eve must-have.

photo: me, Devon – preparing to test out Mercy.