Hard Candy does the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards with Emily Kate Warren

So I’ve met many people over the years in this crazy industry…but one of the firsts was Emily Kate Warren.  She was a beauty editor at my beloved CosmoGirl! magazine and probably one of the nicest people EVER.  Now?  She’s a famous makeup artist and most recently ventured out to LA on behalf of Hard Candy to do a fun event for the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

To get the weekend started, Emily and the Hard Candy team set up shop at LA’s London Hotel.  Suite attendees includes Molly Ringwald, Ali Landry, Katherine McPhee, Glee Cast members and even a few True Blood actors.  The theme was based around looks inspired by this year’s “Best New Movie” nominees!  A fun event, indeed.  Follow @HeresHardCandy on Twitter for more updates on the classic brand.

Pretty wild…beauty products

So, as I’m sure you can tell from my blog, I’m a big fan of leopard print.  Of course, I don’t have big furry dice hanging from my rear view mirror and I certainly don’t wear leopard print leggings but I DO appreciate a little wild print thrown into the mix via accessories and small accents.  Leopard print is a classic fashion staple and like it or not, it’s not going anywhere.  Here are my leopard print beauty must-haves:

Hard Candy Eye Tattoo -Of course, only appropriate for Halloween and a crazy girl’s night out but I love these nonetheless.

Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer – The mix of pinks and browns makes for an ideal bronzer.  Plus, how cute is this?

mark Pretty Wild Color & Shine Lip Gloss – When I first saw these I thought “how do they do this?!”  Well it’s the old tube in a tube deal.  No matter how much gloss you use, the leopard print never goes away.  Amazing.  Plus, the shine is supurb.

Remington Leopard Print Dryer – A blowdryer is something you use every day so why not get one with a little style?

Hard Candy…reinvented

So I can still remember when I bought my first bottle of Hard Candy nail polish.  It was a sparkly teal green called “Mermaid” and I was obsessed with it after reading the story about how Hard Candy was created by a med student trying to find the perfect shade of baby blue polish.  I just love crazy “look what I stumbled upon” stories like that…one can dream, right?  Well, that was a long time ago, and as of 2009 Hard Candy has been reinvented and is now sold at Walmart, all for less than $10.  A far cry from their original days of $12 polish.  I’m loving the new Holiday Collection and I think I’m about to re-live the 6th grade…