Tips On How To Manage Stress, From Dr. Murad

The last eight or nine months have been taxing for me, to say the least. I lost my cat Angel, after having her in my life for almost 17 years.  I had my first “your parents are going to die one day” wake up call with my mom’s heart attack last month.  I decided to cut off a friend that I became close with really quickly, after discovering that he really wasn’t such a “friend” after all.  And, on the less dramatic side of things, I’ve been fighting a nasty cold that turned into a sinus infection and post-nasal drip and, to top it off, my skin has been acting crazy.  It seemed almost like FATE when I got an email with Dr. Murad’s tips on how to figure out what’s REALLY stressing you out, and how to manage stress.  Um, hello, it’s like he could sense my level of anxiety lately.

According to Dr. Murad, “healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness” so essentially, when the body is at optimal health, the skin will follow suit.  Makes sense!  Here are Dr. Murad’s tips to manage stress:

1- Get Connected: Get involved in community, events, exercise groups, book clubs, networking groups, etc.

2- Disconnect: There’s an odd duality to being attached to machines that allow us to connect with others around the world in an instant.  In a nutshell, put down your phones!  Take time at least twice a week to not check your phone or email. It’s a healthy mental break.

3- Start Your Day Off Right: Deficiencies in B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium stress out your body and trigger and increase levels of cortisol, not to mention food cravings.  Many people skip breakfast and can easily find themselves lacking these critical nutrients and, in turn, rely on caffeine to stay alert and productive throughout the day.  

4- Eat “Brain Food”: About 2/3 of our brains are composed of fat so, in essence, we need fat to think and maintain healthy brain function, as well as normal growth and development.  The omega-3 fats in salmon, as well as other cold-water fish, walnuts, flaxseed, and olives have numerous proven health benefits.

5- Exercise: Exercising regularly nourishes the skin with oxygen, while sweating flushes out toxins.  It will also improve digestion and increase one’s metabolism and endocrine function so that the entire body is functioning at an optimal level.

Healthy Popsicles from Wellness Guru David Kirsch

I usually go for alcoholic summer drinks, as in margaritas, mimosas and other types of spiked juices.  BUT, being that I’m going all healthy again (starting today!), I’m loving these KIRSCH POPS recipes from wellness guru, David Kirsch.  David created these recipes and, besides being delicious, they give you your daily dose of vitamins or even hangover detox.

Vitamin/Mineral Pop

– 1 stick pack of Orange, Lemon or Raspberry Vitamin/Mineral Powder

– 8 ounces coconut water

– Blend or shake well.  Pour into ice pop maker and freeze


Detox Pop

– 1 stick pack AM Daily Detox

– 8 ounces coconut water

– Blend or shake well.  Pour into ice pop maker and freeze

Not Photoshopped with StyleCaster and Feel More Better

When I was asked to be one of the 28 bloggers participating in this Not Photoshopped campaign with Feel More Better and StyleCaster, I was genuinely excited.  We’ve all seen and read the tons and tons of press that photoshopped celebs and models have garnered over the past few years, and with the increasing number of eating disorders, especially among teens, I feel passionate about the cause at heart.  As women, we need to teach our children that there is no perfect woman; Barbie isn’t real, celebrity x doesn’t really have legs that great (unless it’s Gwenyth Paltrow!) and lastly, everyone has what they might consider “flaws” but it’s our flaws that make us unique and beautiful – I truly believe this.  I’ve blogged before about my body and how staying thin is a constant struggle for me…but regardess of weight, at 29, I’ve truly accepted my body shape.  I love the fact that I have curves.  I’m not a 5’11, 100lb. runway model, I’m a 5’6, 135lb. woman.

If you want your own “Not Photo Shopped” tee, you can feel good about your purchase, not only because you’re spreading a good message but also because the company donates a new book to an underprivileged girl for every shirt purchased.  And, if you feel really passionate about the cause, you can also sign the Media and Public Health Act, which aims to pass legislation requiring advertising and editorial that meaningfully change the human through photoshopping or airbrushing to carry “Truth in Advertising” labels.

Update: Here’s the link to the StyleCaster story!

photo credit: Preston

Calnaturale Svelte Sustained Energy Protein Drink

So over the past year I’ve had to make a concerted effort to intake more protein in my diet.  It’s kind of a long, boring story but I had some tests done and found out that my iron levels were a tad low and it was causing my hair to thin (!)…and we all know that’s just simply unacceptable.  Turns out all my body needed was protein (at least 3-6 oz. with every meal–bye bye veggie burgers) and some iron supplements and bam, my hair is in much better condition.  Now, if you live alone, I’m sure you can relate to how much of a pain in the ass it is to cook chicken or fish for every meal (and who cooks anyway) so I’ve been on a search for an amazing protein drink but hadn’t found anything I liked until now!

Calnaurale Svelte Sustained Energy Protein Drink in Chocolate (my weakness and, of course, my favorite flavor) is delightful.  Each bottle contains a whopping 16 grams of organic protein (and that’s a LOT) from fresh organic soy milk, along with organic complex carbohydrates for sustained energy.  What does all that mean?  It means you’re getting all the good stuff with out the chemicals.  This brand also contains only 9 grams of sugar per bottle and is dairy and gluten-free for anyone who has those concerns.  Personally, I try to keep as many chemicals out of my body as possible between not drinking any soda, not eating any processed meats, almost always buying organic, grain-fed eggs, etc. so a product like this makes me feel ok about supplementing lean chicken or fish for some chocolate goodness.

Gift Idea: Borba products (for your eco-chic mom or aunt)

So laundry detergent seems like an odd gift, I know, but when paired with Borba Age Defying Aqua-Less Crystalline and Borba Skin Balance Gummi Bear Boosters, it’s really the whole package for any eco-friendly mom or Aunt.  You may remember my rave about the Gummi Bear Boosters from a past post and I really can’t say enough about the Fabric Fusion 2-in-1 Eco Laundry Wash – a 99% natural detergent that washes clothing with a botanical-based surfactant system, which includes elastin fiber to refine and soften your clothes and skin.  I’m wrapping up these three items for my crazy aunt that is obsessed with being all eco-friendly yet is still impecably chic.