Celebrate Festivus!

If you’re any kind of Seinfeld fan, then you KNOW about the best holiday of the year, Festivus, occurs on December 23rd (today)!  I still remember the first time I watched the episode where Festivus was introduced (a YouTube recap below) and guys, it’s all kinds of awesome.  

Step 1: Don’t get a tree, get a metal pole.  And don’t decorate it because Frank Costanza “finds tinsel distracting.”

Step 2: When is there a more appropriate time to tell your loved one about ALL the ways they pissed you off that year?  Well, that would be “the airing of grievances.”  In the words of George’s father, “I’ve got a lot of problems with you people, and now you’re going to hear about it!”

Step 3: Sit down to Festivus dinner.  The Costanza clan adheres to meatloaf and spaghetti in red sauce and no alcohol – although personal hip flasks with uncertain contents permitted.  Now while I don’t condone the no alcohol rule (with the exception of hip flasks, obviously), I’m way into the heavy carbs in red sauce policy.  I will be serving myself a TON of pasta on December 23rd.

Step 4: Then, once you’re all worked up, you can particpate in the “Feats of Strength.”  This post-dinner ritual means that a chosen guest, preferably a son, must physically pin down the family head – unless they have something better to do instead. Festivus is not over until the host has been pinned!  It’s kind of a big deal…and what better way to work off all those carbs?!

For a more detailed Festivus “how to,” see HERE and, if you’re feeling especially festive, I found this Festivus t-shirt at Delia’s that is reduced to $6!!!!  Done deal.