Tuesday Web Candy

Oprah’s Favorite Things LIVES. I kinda don’t care but always look anyway – People StyleWatch

I’m way into Revolution so here’s Charlie’s beauty secretInStyle

You shouldn’t still be smoking…but if you are, here are 6 GOOD reasons to quit (also totally vain) – Allure

Is Beyonce the next big fashion blogger? – Refinery29

This is the best thing I’ve seen all week.  The Love List is doing a “Dead Celebrity Gift Guide,” starting with Bea Arthur TheLoveList

The cutest DIY feather peplum topStripes and Sequins

Tuesday Web Candy

10 really weird Halloween costumesxoJane

BeautyHigh.com’s October must-have products. All approved by me – Beauty High

I love, love, love this CHANEL makeup in a sequin designThe Daily Obsession

It’s October! DIY gold leaf pumpkins are a must – Stripes and Sequins

How to get ready really FAST in the morning. As a frequent snoozer, I approve this – Refinery29

No Doubt’s new album is out (yay!) and check out Gwen’s fashion flashbackInStyle

Ok, it’s official. EVERYONE hated Ben Affleck’s shaggy “Argo” hairPeople

Tuesday Web Candy (accidentally posted on Wednesday, sorry for partying)

After a ridulously fun Sunday at the beach, this photo of David Hasselhoff (Baywatch style) seriously makes me giggle – People.com

I decided to start my diet again, after gaining about 4lbs, and this Apricot Mustard Baked Chicken looks DELICIOUS, minus the apricot…cause, you know, no fruit allowed – MilkandMode.com

This article makes me feel very LA but yeah…it’s got some good tips on how to look younger. – InStyle.com

Soul Cycle…do you guys have an opinion?  I’m so not into spinning (hated it in NYC, actually) but I’m tempted to try it out again – IntoTheGloss.com

This is basically a Jamie-approved DIY project…something to do with all of my empty wine bottles, finally. – ISpyDIY.com

Found It! “2 Broke Girls” Star Beth Behr’s Hair Secrets

If you’re not already watching 2 Broke Girls, you should be.  The show is absolutely hilarious in that “I shouldn’t like this, but I DO” kinda way.  InStyle.com recently interviewed the blonde co-star, Beth Behr, and found out her hair care secrets, which I am promptly going to try.  Beth has gorgeous blonde locks so she must be doing something right.  Her secrets?  Redken Color Extend Rich Recovery Protective Treatment. “I use the color masks once a week because they are really great.  Redken has a really good one for blondes that I go to.”  The actress also uses KMS California’s Leave-In Conditioner to help keep her golden locks silky smooth.