Holiday Gift Guide: what this girl wants

It’s the season to give, not receive, BUT that doesn’t mean that a girl can’t dream, right?  Here’s a selection of a few things that have been on my “want” list for some time now.  I decided to start a Pinterest page as a sort of “to get” checklist…we’ll see if I ever actually even buy any of this stuff (especially the MacBook Air) but, hey, like I said, a girl can dream!  It’s funny how, as we get older, our wants and needs totally change.  My friend Devon recently posted a story to Facebook called “50 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again” (and I literally laughed out loud while reading it).  It’s kind of amazing that I used to own nearly everything on this list, not kidding, and even more amazing, what the hell were my parents thinking buying me all this stuff?  I’m not complaining, they were (and still are) the best parents ever and I know they clearly just wanted to make me happy, but this year especially, with all the tragedy that’s happened recently, makes me really stop and appreciate the little things; things like my family (especially my nephew!), my friends and, most of all, my health.  As I mentioned in my guest post for Dina, I recently found out that a long-time friend has been diagnosed with Leukemia and, on top of that, the recent school shooting in Connecticut has really shaken me (and many people) at the core.

2012 has been a rough year for me personally AND the world, so here’s to a more positive 2013…let’s remember to be kind to each other.

Oh, and after that long, depressing rant, here are my actual gift picks:

1. J. Crew Printed Backup Battery for iPhone: I already have the matching leopard print case so why wouldn’t I want the backup battery?  This is genius and I’m not quite sure why they didn’t think of this before.  Cheers to a longer-lasting cell phone battery!

2. Vince Camuto Pyramid Stud Bracelet Watch: I don’t usually wear watches and when asked why, I’m one to usually quote Clueless: “a watch doesn’t really go with this outfit, Daddy” BUT I’m way into this bracelet/watch combo.  It’s modern and chic and the ugly watch part is hidden.

3. MacBook Air: I was never a Mac girl until about three years ago until a job I had required that everyone work on one.  I immediately went into panic mode.  And then I got used to it and realized that Mac computers are FAR SUPERIOR to PCs.  I, of course, had just recently purchased a new PC laptop before I discovered this little factoid but I think I’ll be ready to make the switch soon.  Santa?

4. De Medici Gastronomia Truffle Oil: My obsession with all things truffle is getting a little out of control.  And, clearly, once I discovered that you can buy truffle oil (and salt!) at specialty grocery stores, it was pretty much game ON for salads, popcorn, eggs, and other goodness.  I can’t get enough.

5. Neiman Marcus for Target Tracy Reese blouse: I was immediately drawn to this top when I saw the pure sparkle of it…but $80???  For a Target top?  I don’t think so.  Well kids, it was just reduced to $39.99. You’re welcome.

Top Pantone Color for Spring 2013: Monaco Blue

I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with Pantone and its chic-ness, but I am.  And when Pantone announced their list of top colors for Spring 2013, I got super excited because let’s face it…I look really good in this color blue.  Modesty aside, here are some of my favorite items in one of this Spring’s hottest color:

J.Crew Lustre Lace Mockneck Tee: I wear my black lace top from Zara pretty much too often so, naturally, I am way into this blue version.

Marc Jacobs Linear Logo iPhone Case: I know, I know…everyone’s getting the iPhone 5 BUT, if you’re like me, you can still use this cute MJ case.

Sam Edelman Danielle Suede Pump: Pointy toe pumps have been making a big comeback, thank god, and I love the metallic heel on this blue version.

Vanessa Mooney The Mesa Bracelet: Monaco Blue looks GREAT with gold and this bracelet is pretty awesome.

Essie “Aruba Blue”: Blue nails had a moment a few years back and now if someone gives you shit for wearing blue nail polish, you can refer them to the Pantone website.

The Monday Rundown

Pier 1 Tierdrop Glass Vases: I’m loving these silver vases.  They’re super modern and chic.  Enough said.

J. Crew Zigzag Sequin Tee: I literally just tried this top on in J. Crew in size XS.  It fit but didn’t look good…I had the salesperson look up all the size smalls in the LA area and she could only come up with one store, in the valley. Grab this up in your size ASAP before they’re all sold out.  Obsessed.

Belvedere Pink Grapefruit vodka: I love Belvedere vodka and I LOVE grapefruit.  What’s not to like here?

Slatkin & Co. “Suntan” candle: A candle that smells like heaven is super rare and I looooove this summer “suntan” scent.

The Monday Rundown

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray: It’s totally a California summer thing but lately I’ve been really into the beach hair look.  Bumble & Bumble makes the go-to product to get those surfer girl waves.

Beveled Glass Jewelry Box: I love the idea of showing off your prized jewels.  I’d use this particular jewelry box to house some of the nicer pieces that I own, but don’t necessarily wear as much.

J. Crew Woven Bangle: I love, love the three different textures in this gold bangle…you can never go wrong with accessories from the Crew.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Truffle Oil: I found this recipe a few weeks back and have made it oh..about four times now, lol.  It’s delicious and super easy.

Destination: Palm Springs

A friend and I are heading out to the desert tomorrow morning at, gasp, 9AM.  There are very few things that could actually get me to wake up before 11 on a Saturday but hey, Memorial Day in Palm Springs is calling me.  

J. Crew bikini top and bottom: I love a red bikini or, really, a red anything.  This one is simple and the strings make this particular style look good on almost every body type.

Dorothy Perkins Black Aztec Crossover Dress: First off, I love the pattern.  Second, this dress is the perfect minimalist vacay dress (and can also serve as a cover up!) that can take you right from daytime to night.

Forever21 Classic Straw Fedora: A hat is a MUST when I’m outside in the sun for a long period of time.  Not only does it keep me cool but it also prevents sun damage on my face and scalp.

House of Harlow 1960 Robyn Sunglasses: I love pretty much everything HOH1960 but these frames are just really f-u-n and chic.

Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals: I have these in neon too.  They’re super comfy, simple and look good with almost everything.

Shiseido Sun Protection Lip Treatment SPF 36 PA+++: Lips are often neglected but if you’ve ever had sunburn on your lip, you know to always apply lip balm with SPF.  I can speak from experience, guys.

Redken Color Extend Sun Solar Screen SPF 12: Blonde hair can fade and oxidize fast when in the sun for too long so it’s VIP that I apply a spray with SPF protection and, as a bonus, the SPF also protects your scalp.

Kate Somerville SPF 55 Serum Tinted Sunscreen: It’s very inaprop to wear a full face of foundation at the pool or beach but yeah, with my rosacea and hyperpigmentation, I never go full on bare faced.  This face serum is the perfect solution to my problem since it not only has SPF 55 but it’s a serum (e.g. lightweight) and it’s tinted so it actually hides most of my imperfections.