Obsession: Double Finger Rings

Ask any of my friends what my signature jewelry piece is and they would say my “Jamie” name ring.  I got TONS, and I mean TONS of compliments on the somewhat-ghetto ring that I bought myself a few years ago after seeing Lauren Conrad’s double name ring on an episode of “The Hills.”  But I’m honest, and I have no shame in my game so when people ask me where I got my awesome ring, I tell them “uhh, I just googled ‘Lauren Conrad double name ring’ and I found THIS random site.”  $99 for sterling silver and $255 for 14K gold…it ain’t a bad deal.  After my Jamie ring became one of my regular accessory staples, I started noticing double name rings everywhere and with some really fun designs and I guess I kind of started a collection, at this point.  Right now I’m loving these doozies. (clockwise)

“Melissa” Double Finger Name Ring

Jessica Elliot Double Floating Finger Candy Ring (also featured here)

Four Star Double Ring

Wavy Two Finger Ring

Dara Ettinger Mimi Druzy Double Ring in Rose Gold

This Week’s Online Shopping Haul

For me, this week has been just a little bit crazy.  I never considered myself a “stress shopper” but alas, I think I might just be that since last night happened.  I decided that I was going to buy myself four things that I’ve been coveting but haven’t had the, for lack of a better word, balls to actually buy myself.  You know what?  I deserve it.  And I can’t wait for everything to arrive…god bless online shopping.

Jessica Elliot Double Floating Finger Candy Ring: My friend Chelsea had a similar ring that she scored from Forever21; however, they’re totally sold out so of course, I am forced to buy the version that costs $175.  C’est la vie.

Weekend trip to Las Vegas(!): My good friend Maura was assigned a spa story that just so happens to be located in Vegaaaaas (she’s a very fancy Lucky magazine senior editor) so she asked me if I wanted to come out a few days early to hang with her.  Actually, her exact email said “don’t you LA people go to Vegas like every weekend?”  Yes Maura, we most certainly want to. And this time, we WILL.  I bought a Delta flight going to Vegas and a Spirit (?) airlines ticket for the way back to LA.  The “?” after Spirit indicates my desire to not crash and die since I’ve never heard of this airline.

Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica: I blogged about this a-pause-mazing moisturizer back in March after receiving a few mini samples of the product and absolutely loving it.  My skin is like the sahara 90% of the time and this is the first moisturizer in a looong time to actually do the trick, which is exactly why I don’t mind spending my actual hard-earned money on this product.  And note, I hardly ever actually buy my own beauty products so that should say a LOT.

T by Alexander Wang One Shoulder Dress: I bought this dress in the “sage” green color about two weeks ago after trying the dress on at Fred Segal.  I wore the sage version to Soho House the other night and loved it so much that I decided I needed the black version as well.  A woman can never have too many LBD’s, you know?