How a Stone wears white


The idea for this post started off as a joke but really, it’s kind of not.  Stone is an English last name; one of the first last names ever, to be exact, and given my ancestry….well, you can see why traditionally every Stone you know is probably pasty white and freckled.  It’s for this reason that I’ve always been terrified of wearing the color white…that and my pention for spilling on myself, naturally.  Putting all of that aside, my friend Sydne and I were shopping and we came across this amazing white peplum dress at H&M and I, of course, naturally scoffed at it.

Sydne: This dress would soooo good on you. Try it on!

Me: Um…it’s white.  I’m pale and spill everything on myself.

Sydne can be very convincing.  I grabbed my size (the last one, by the way) and decided to appease her by trying it on and then showing her how ridiculous it looked on me.  

To my surprise, it looked A-mazing and I ended up buying it.  Duh.  As happy as I am that I managed to wear this dress all night with out spilling anything on me, I’m even happier to discover that a STONE CAN WEAR WHITE (proof is below!)

*To note, I was seriously self-tanned in my above photo, but STILL.

Sharon Stone, Emma Stone, Joss Stone