The Monday Rundown

Trying out a new format this week!  If you’re not familiar, I started doing The Monday Rundown as a roundup of four things (1 from each category: beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food) that make it a little easier to get through the worst day of the week…Monday.  Let me know if you like the new format or if you prefer the old look.

Spent the weekend with the above view.  Malibu is truly a gem of Southern California.

I recently took my first ballet class in about three years…and holy hell, am I sore.

Chiptole is probably one of my biggest guilty pleasures and I treated my self to a delish chicken fajita bowl on Saturday afternoon.

I’m not huge into lipstick (I prefer gloss) but when I found out that this beauty was named specifically after my friend Meg, I HAD to try it.  And yes, I love it just as much as I love her.

The Monday Rundown

Lemon, quinoa, avocado, cilantro chickpea salad: As of late, I’ve been really into quinoa so it was pretty clear that I would love this salad that also happens to consist of several other ingredients that I love: avocado, cilantro and chick peas.  Granted, I know a LOT of people hate cilantro so I’m sure you could take that out of the recipe and be just fine.

Jouer Pochette: I was in Portland for New Year’s Eve this year and my friends and I were all gawking and ahhing over Nadine’s little pink pochette from Jouer Cosmetics!  It’s the perfect size for going out since you can fit your cash, ID, credit cards AND iPhone inside.  Of course, I immediately got one in brown.

House of Harlow 1960 Talon crystal cuff: By now you all know about my obsession with all things House of Harlow 1960, so it should come as no surprise that I found yet another new piece that I love.  Talons.  And crystals…I mean.

Plum & Bow Metallic Cat Pillow: I find this metallic cat pillow to be both ironic and awesome, especially since, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I recently adopted two new cats of my own.  The best part about this pillow is that it totally looks like a real cat when styled amongst other throw pillows on the bed.  If I didn’t already have two real cats of my own, I’d totally get this.

The Monday Rundown

Forever21 Rhinestone Speckles Ring Set: I grabbed these up while shopping on the website and can’t wait to wear them.  $6.00 guys, SIX DOLLARS for these and, in my opinion, they look super expensive.

Jouer Cosmetics SPF 15 Lip Sheer in “St. Barths”: I’m on a constant quest for the perfect red lip and I LOVE this sheer red shade for when I want a subtle hue.  On top of the SPF protection (yay!), the Jouer Lip Sheer is also really hydrating.  

Urban Outfitters Scrollwork Gate Jewelry Stand: I’ve been trying to expand my jewelry collection as of late and I’m right at that point where I’m running out of room in all of my current jewelry organizers.  It’s a bummer that I didn’t get another wall holder so that I can match them to the one I already have but I really do like this second generation version from Urban Outfitters.  It’ll hold both earrings AND necklaces and will look cute on my wall.

Avocado toast: Avocado has been and still is all the rage and right now I can’t get enough of avocado toast.  The trick?  A little hot sauce sprinkled on top.

Reader Question: Should I Conceal My Mole?

Question: Hi Jamie,

I’ve got a mole on my cheek that is medium in tone…meaning that if left alone, it looks more like a blemish than a beauty mark. What do you think: cover it up or color it in?”



Hi “M”!

That’s a great question.  I’m a big believer that moles are beautiful, as long as you get them checked yearly by a derm (in case they are cancerous).  If your mole has been deemed “safe” then I say embrace it and don’t cover it up!  However, if it really bothers you, there are some great concealers and brushes that can help camoflauge it.  Right now I’m loving Jouer Cosmetics Age-Repairing Concealer because it’s got vitamin A and other ingredients that help promote skin repair.  It’s also important to use a good brush.  I love Bare Escentuals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush, which is especially perfect for a mole since it will give you fuller, more concentrated coverage.

But before decide to cover up, try to think of Cindy Crawford…that mole made her famous.  And, if that doesn’t work, here’s a slideshow I found that features 10 hot celeb women with moles.