What to do when your nephew loves sharks

So it’s not easy living 3,000 mies away from your adorable 2-year-old nephew who is growing bigger (and cuter) by the minute.  When I was back in New York for Christmas I brought Mark this crazy cute shark bath robe (below) and he immediately started screaming “On! On!  Put it on!” and then proceeded to run around the house going “grrrrrrrrrr, I’m a shark!” to everyone who crossed his path.  It was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen so when I had the chance to shop at The Children’s Place again, I snapped up the chance and, luckily, they had even BETTER shark gear this time around.

These shark swim trunks were a surprising favorite for little Mark.  He saw them and had a similar reaction to the bath robe back in December.  He wore them all day and, mind you, it’s still freezing in New York.  He begged to go swimming and settled for swimming in the bath tub before bed time.

And as for my personal favorite, that would be the shark hooded towel.  I mean, seriously.  I can’t wait to see Mark running around the pool and the beach with this awesome outdoor version of the bath robe below.  He can even put his hands in the little grey fins so it’s almost a cape.  I’m dying…and who would’ve thought the day would come when I would be excited to see children’s clothes? Ha.