Xen-Tan now sold at Kitson!

So I’m a big fan of the Xen-Tan line and I’ve been using their self-tanning products for quite awhile.  In fact, I have their Face Tanner Luxe and Deep Bronze Luxe to credit for my healthy birthday party glow (see below).  And, as an LA resident, I was thrilled to hear that starting April 19th, Xen-Tan will be sold in four Kitson locations!  The stores will be carrying their hero products – Transform Luxe, Face Tanner Luxe, Deep Bronze Luxe, Dark Lotion Luxe and Velvet Glove.  LA residents, you should run and grab these before they sell out.

(me and my Xen-Tan birthday glow)

Gift Idea: For Your Cute Niece/Nephew

So lord knows I’m certainly not on the baby track or anything but I came across this adorable kids gift set on Kitson’s Web site and almost melted. Corduroy was one of my FAVORITE books growing up and I just think it’s genius to pair up a pair of PJ’s with an educational (yet still fun) gift. Boy do I sound old…but other book sets are available as well.

Make Your Own Lip Gloss Holiday Gift Idea

So I saw an amazing idea on BellaSugar for a super cheap (and easy) gift for a friend, sister, cousin, someone you kind of hate, etc. Make your own lip gloss! Check out their post for the exact how-to’s but I’d also like to thrown in that you don’t necessarily need to use the weird drugstore “M T W TH F S SU” pill box. You could check out Kitson for one of their silver numbers or even go vintage…I know my mom has a ton of little boxes that can hold literally NOTHING just laying around as a “chachkey.” Word. And you know, technically, you could even use lipstick that you’ve used…all you’d have to do is chop off the top part that you started…eww, I’m grossing myself out now.