10 Things Every Woman Should Have, According to Oscar de la Renta (and me)

Harper’s Bazaar
always has the best “how to” articles and clearly, when Oscar de la Renta is speaking…I listen.  A few months back I blogged a list of 30 things every woman should have and know by the time she’s 30 but THIS list, is ageless.

1. A great romance.  I don’t have much to say on this subject matter at the moment, sadly, but I do think it’s something that should be on everyone’s list.

2. Face-framing earrings. Luxury always makes me feel better, even when it’s not actually expensive.

3. A small bag. Oscar says it’s “full of mystery,” which I love.  WHO doesn’t love a mystery?  You’re left wondering, what could she possibly even carry in that teeny, tiny purse?

4. Black lace. Extremely feminine, extremely sexy…flattering on everyone.

5. A confident walk. Probably the most important, a confident walk just exudes happiness.  Oscar says “you have to walk like you have three men walking behind you.”  AMAZING.

6. A cause to support. Truth be told, volunteering every Monday for an at-risk teen girls home has consistently been one of the highlights of my week for over a year now. There’s something about being passionate about a cause that, even when you’re feeling fat, down in the dumps, etc. just makes you feel like you have a purpose.

7. Red carnations. Carnations can be attractively tacky and, even though I’m not sure where Oscar was really going with this, I still support anything red.

8. A signature scent. Narciso Rodriguez for Her has been my signature scent since, oh…around 2006ish?  Swear to god, every time I wear it, a guy will tell me how amazing I smell.

9. Very tall shoes. As a former Manhattan dweller, I was always anti-high heel…mainly due to the fact that I always had to walk everywhere and wearing 6 inch heels in the snow and/or rain is a recipe for disaster.  However, now that I’m in LA (and driving like it’s my job), I’m way into it.  They make your legs look slimmer and instantly improve posture. GO.

10. A competitive streak. It’s funny how sometimes this can develop later on in life, no?  I never considered myself a competitive person growing up BUT, as I got older, I suddenly found myself wanting to win. EVERYTHING.  ALL of the time.  Most of the time, it’s a good quality to have…as long as I reign it in, when necessary.  My friends know what I’m talking about here, ha.

LC Lauren Conrad: I’m sold!

I have to admit, it’s slightly hilarious to me that I get TONS of compliments EVERY time that I wear something designed by Ms. Lauren Conrad, specifically this dress from the LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s collection. So when I saw this gorgeous image from her new Winter Lookbook (above) I checked out the site and, of course, found another top that I wanted as well.  They just arrived in the mail today and I’m totally obsessed.  The quality of the black and white crochet satin top is amazing and it fits perfectly and, even though I took a chance on the red open-lace chiffon top (since Lauren wasn’t modeling it in the lookbook), I was equally happy when I tried it on.  The lace detailing on the back is GORGEOUS…seriously, click on the link and zoom in.  You can see the full LC Lauren Conrad Collection HERE.

Say what you want about the reality star turned designer and yeah her first high-end collection did suck, but I’m super impressed with her designs, season after season.  You can see the full Holiday Collection lookbook here.


Third Annual Anti-Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Here it was the first year…and here it was the second.  Welcome to my third installation of my annual Anti-Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.  I don’t do these because I’m down on love (I love love!) but instead, I like to find gifts that help me treat ME on Valentine’s Day.  These are things that I want and would probably make my boyfriend buy me anyway…if I had one. Ha.  That’s a totally different story…

CC Skye “Pour Some Sugar On Me” lyric bangle (not yet available)

Baked By Melissa by Betsy Johnson Mini Cupcakes

YSL VOLUPTE Sheer Candy Glossy Balm Crystal Color

La Verite white lace bra

Miguelina Hot Pink Scarf

It’s All About the Texture and Pattern

So I’ve been all about the textured tights for the past couple of years now. It all started when an upperclassman in college gave a great presentation in my Journalism 101 class and I couldn’t seem to pay attention because I just kept staring at her patterned tights. They looked so chic paired with her black knee-length skirt suit and teal button down shirt. It was professional yet trendy and sexy at the same time. I immediately went to the mall with a mission and I found a similar and, in my opinion, even cooler pair at Nordstrom Rack that looked like fish nets but with out the holes. “Classy fishnets,” as I called them. I wore my classy fishnets to every internship interview and even my first few job interviews…and I actually just stopped wearing them about a year ago. It got to the point where every toe had a hole and there were quite a few “hidden” runs, but I just kept it going…and the compliements never stopped. I think it’s time to move onto LACE. This pair from Urban Outfitters might do the job…