Completely Bare Laser Hair Removal

So living the LA life, I’m pretty much always dressed for summer…which is still something to get used to coming from the east coast, let me tell you.  It seems like I’m in a bikini at least once a week and it’s been causing major stress on my bikini line, as well as my mental state.  I used to wax in college because I found this amazing, cheap little hole in the wall that would do a Brazilian for $25 (NO JOKE) but then after college, I got lazy and/or stopped caring as much since I was so busy working that I didn’t really even have time for the beach.  Fast forward to LA 2010.  I can’t even tell you how many times someone yells “let’s go to the hot tub” and I cringe and have to think “ugh, am I prepared for the hot tub right now?”

After complaining non-stop to Sydne, she finally talked me into trying out laser hair removal and ladies, I’m never looking back.  Since I was also about to go to New York, I figured why not try out the famous Completely Bare Hi-Tech Spa, known for their laser hair removal and also happens to be near my old apartment (tear).  My technician was FABULOUS.  I was a litle freaked out because one, a stranger was about to look at my vajay and two, because well…lasers are scary!

My technician poured on globs of gel (kinda like Vaseline) and I prepared myself for the first laser snap to come.  Not gonna lie…it was a bit shocking but mostly cause I just didn’t know what to expect.  After the first few “snaps,” as I like to call them, you kinda just get used to the feeling and it doesn’t hurt so much after that.  Overall the pain is WAY less than waxing so I think it totally worth it.

The results so far?  I went about a week with ZERO hair growth, which I think is totally amazing after just ONE treatment (you usually need about 4-6 to see long-lasting results).  I’m definitely going back from treatment number two in another three weeks.