Three Questions With Jenn Falik

So if you’re thinking that you recognize Jenn Falik, you’re probably right.  Jenn has been featured as a beauty & style expert on pretty much every channel ranging from The Today Show to The View to E! News and now, I got the scoop on her latest project, Beauty BFF on MSN, an original new web series on MSN Lifestyle and Bing Video.  The web series will cover everything from how to achieve the looks you crave (but may be scared to attempt on your own) to the latest trends in hair, makeup and skincare.  The series will premiere TODAY and will run through Fall 2010 and luckily, we were able to steal 15 minutes of Jenn’s time and grill her with some burning questions:

Q: What are your favorite new spring beauty products?

A: 1-) Darphin Hydraskin Essential.  This is the perfect moisturizer- it smells amazing (clean and fresh), is packed with super softening ingredients like butterfly lavender and organic shea butter, and creates a nice smooth base for makeup.  I also love how it keeps my skin hydrated all day- I hate when I put on creams and a few hours later, I feel the need to re-apply.

2-) Tarte Lip Stain in “Amuse.” This is the juiciest lip stain ever- I never thought a stain could be this glossy and actually last, but it does. And the fact that when I travel with it, I don’t have to worry about it leaking all over the contents of my bag is an added bonus.

3-) Le Metier de Beaute MAGIC.  This is very cool- a translucent cream glaze that transforms any powder color formula- blush, eye shadow, even powder into sheer stains, creams and glosses for lips, cheeks, eyes and face.  It is also great as a lip primer.

4-) Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Invisible.  I try and wash my hair as infrequently as possible- and this is my new go-to especially because of the volume it adds- and this spring, I am feeling big-ish hair BIG time.  The formula features gentle starches to absorb excess oil and protect build up, while vitamin E and wheat protein strengthen and protect the hair shaft.

Q: What is the best part of your job and what is the worst part?

A: The best part of my job is having an excuse to talk to big wigs in the beauty and fashion biz that probably wouldn’t give me to time of day otherwise.  The worst part, hmmm, I guess I would have to say the early mornings, but to be honest, I have always kind of been a morning person so they don’t bother me too much.

Q: What advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?

A: Well,  I got married 5 years ago and wish I had told myself to get a spray tan, wear my hair in some sort of cool messy updo, and wear false lashes for my wedding.  Seriously.  I kick myself on a regular basis over this.  Sad, but true.


Editor’s note: We think you’re gorgeous Jenn and we’re sure you looked fabulous at your wedding too 😉  For more tips and news from Jenn, follow her on Twitter or visit www.JennFalik.com.