What I’m Doing Right Now…

Freaking OUT about the fact that my blog is being held hostage and, after spending a fortune on a redesign, I’m not sure when I can actually launch it.  SIGH.

– Drinking my favorite red wine and reading the new InStyle.

– Looking at my Instagram photos and feeling so lucky to have some amazing friends and people in my life!

– Trying to figure out how to get my cat, Gemma, to stop scratching my couch.  Any ideas?  And, yes, I’ve tried buying a scratching post…this is what they do with it.

– Contemplating cutting my hair to this length…but I probably won’t.

– Anxiously awaiting The Mindy Project…I’m kind of over New Girl.

#InstaMoments of the Week

A clear, gorgeous sky in Redondo Beach.

My new SoleSociety cut-out wedges.  Obsessed.

My new whip.  Happy early 30th birthday to me. Love, ME.

Torturing my friends…just another day for this girl.

Wise words I like (ok, try) to live by.

Wine tasting with friends in Malibu.


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