Lindsay Lohan returns to red!

All I can say about this is THANK GOD.  I’m so not one to obsess over the hair styles and hair colors of celebs but guys, Lindsay Lohan just looks disgusting as a platinum blonde…am I wrong?  Going back to ginger (today, in Beverly Hills) is step ONE, in my book, to getting her career back…even if she is doing a Lifetime movie about Elizabeth Taylor.  Whatever. I’m rooting for you, Linds…and your amazing ginger hair.

Source: PopSugar

NYLON 11th anniversary party at the Trousdale

So I’ve been feeling kind of sick lately but when I got an amazing invite, courtesy of CoverGirl, to NYLON magazine’s 11th anniversary party, I HAD to at least check it out for a little bit.  This party is EPIC in LA and is known to always bring in some major celebs…so obvs, I had to at least make an appearance.  The outcome?  UM. NO words.  From the minute I valeted my car to the point where I was waiting to get my car from valet, it was a non-stop celeb fest.  Maybe it’s lame but I still get excited every time I see someone…I’m such a tourist.  Best sightings of the night?  Well I ended up sitting in Lindsay Lohan’s booth thanks to my fabulously connected friend Melissa!  Here are some picture highlights and thanks again to CoverGirl for the invite and to their amazing makeup artist, Molly Stern, who touched up my makeup with some amazing new products!

me and the fabulous Sydne Summer of MyStyle.com and ThinkThruFashion.com

Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton

(Paris danced on a table about 5 minutes after arriving, in true form)


Paris Hilton sitting with Glee’s Mark Salling (aka Puck).  So hot.

Miss Lindsay Lohan herself.  Sitting about 6 inches away from me.  CRAZY.