Splurge vs. Steal: makeup removing wipes

So I’m really lazy most of the time and I definitely dread taking off my makeup before going to sleep at night.  Ah, to be 16 again when I didn’t even wash my face!  I recently tried out two new versions that I never tried out before – Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes with Green Tea and Rodial Glam Balm Wipes.  Both definitely did the trick and have their own pluses.  The verdict?

Biore bonus points for:

  • Being infused with the purifying power of green tea
  • Towelettes are made from 100% renewable resources
  • Dermatologist tested, hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, opthalmologist tested and alochol-free
  • The bargain price of around $7


Rodial bonus points for:

  • Being infused with skin-calming chamomile extract Vitamin B and Vitamin E
  • Each towelette is made from super soft cotton and feels like velvet
  • Great for delicate skin
  • Paraben-free
  • They just look…so glamorous