Makeup&Go of Brentwood

So I recently checked out a new (and might I add innovative) store over in Brentwood, California called Makeup&Go.  The concept is similar to DryBar but instead, of hair, this one-stop-shop provides makeup application (note: they will soon also provide blow outs!).  Do they sell makeup?  The answer to that is N-O.  Makeup&Go is an absolute essential for anyone who has a big part, event or even a night out where they want to get a bit glammed up.  The shop even has dressing rooms so you can leave literally right after getting your makeup done!  I love how everything is very well thought out- including the fact that they even sell gifts and fresh flowers, if you happen to be heading to a birthday party or wedding shower, etc.

I don’t know about you, but you probably read my post about Drybar and how you always feel extra sexy when someone else does your hair…I’m telling you, it’s better than losing 5 lbs.  The makeup artists at Makeup&Go use products from great brands like Smashbox and Juice Beauty, which I adore, and the prices are reasonable – check out a list here and check out Makeup&Go!