Havaianas Midnight Swim Club

So even though it’s been almost one year (can you even?) since I moved to LA, I’m still getting used to this whole super secret party thing that goes on.  And yeah…I kinda love it.  I was invited to Havaianas exclusive Midnight Swim Club’s last party of the season held at a private house (and by house, I mean mansion) in Hancock Park.

Now this wasn’t your usual LA party…upon arrival all guests were asked their shoe size and given a pair of the coveted Havainas Midnight Swim Club (MSC) navy blue and white flip flops before heading over to the bedazzling station.  Score.  Flip flops were strung over the pool and, by the time I arrived, there were plenty of drunk partygoers diving into the pool and having an awesome time.

photos by Catharine Acurso