Kim Kardashian Hosts Midori Makeover Parlour

As much as you probably hate to admit it, the Kardashian empire is totally fascinating.  Admit it.  Kim has managed to, as Kanye puts it via song, become a “superstar from a home movie” so yeah, I’ll go and watch her host a beauty event for charity.  On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian hosted the Midori Makeover Parlour at the chic Fred Segal Salon in Santa Monica.  Dressed in a plunging green velvet Gucci dress and gold Tom Ford stilettos, Kim spent the evening hanging out with her mom, Kris, and mingling with partygoers. Guests received custom couture manicures inspired by Midori cocktails, including the Midori & Ginger Glitterbomb, and hair styling while enjoying Midori cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. 

It’s a sweet, sweet life for those Kardashians…but what’s Kim’s best beauty secret?  Taking care of herself.  She is “always excercising, washing off her makeup before bed, etc.” the reality star said.  She even woke up early on the day of the event to squeeze in a workout with her trainer, Gunner Peterson, before leaving again this morning to head to Philly.

Kim Kardashian Hosts the Launch of the Midori Melon Liquer Trunk Shows

Yeah, I’m way behind on my blogging but with the recent news of Kim Kardashian’s engagement, I was reminded that I never did my post on the fabulous launch party for Midori Melon and ShoeDazzle’s VIP Trunk Shows, hosted by Kim K herself.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a SoleSociety Fashion Insider but this girl definitely has room in her heart for as many awesome shoe clubs as possible.  ShoeDazzle, co-founded by Kim, has really stepped up their game with some super cute heels, all of which the cocktail waitresses carried around with the Midori drinks.  Sydne and I stalked the shoes before heading over to SoHo House to meet our friend Kristen.