Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If your dad is like mine, he’s nearly impossible to shop for.  I’ve seriously bought the man at least 15 navy blue and/or black Lacoste shirts and at this point, I was almost totally at a loss for ideas.  I decided to get a little creative this year and here’s what I’ve come up with that will work for MOST dads.

CaseMate Waddler iPhone Case: My Dad carried around a Zack Morris cell phone for years and I admit, he still hasn’t upgraded to a Blackberry or iPhone but if he did, I’d totally get him this hilarious case.  Who doesn’t love penguins, right?

Crate&Barrel French Fry Seasoning: I’ve inherited a lot from my father – my nose, my feet, my face shape, my freckles…and, of course, my love of all things potatoes.  We share a mutual love of french fries and I remember him making them in the oven growing up (and then the sweet potato version as we got older and more health-concscious).  These amazing seasonings would’ve been the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Violight UV Cell Phone Sanitizer: Pretty innovative, if you ask me.  We spend hours upon hours man-handling our cells every day and when I think about all the bacteria the screen receives, I kinda get nauseous.  My Dad has always been preachy about germs and keeping things clean so I know he’d totally get into this little gadget.

Jack Spade Bacon Money Clip: Money clips are “so money,” no pun intended.  And men love money…and bacon.