CHANEL’s Newest Nailpolish Sensation

Over the years, CHANEL has come out with a slew of cult favorite nail shades…I mean, does anyone else remember the black and mint green trends?  The next big thing?  Denim-inspired color.  The word is out that the fashion mega brand will launch three new blue shades on September 8th (in stores and on CHANEL.com) and they’re limited edition, e.g. only available until the end of September!

Left to right: Blue Rebel, Coco Blue, Blue Boy

Burgers And Nails Tumblr: Obsessed and Featured On It!

As soon as Fashionista.com discovered the brilliant Tumblr, Burgers and Nails, I was instantly obsessed.  A few weeks back, my amazing friend/amazing cook friend Jen invited me over for a backyard BBQ with homemade turkey burgers and even buns from SCRATCH.  Yes ladies, she is a a better woman than I cause girl can cook.

I borrowed a fab new Essie color from Jen called “Tart Deco” and we took some pics hoping that I’d be selected for my new Tumblr obsession and my pic finally got posted!  Enjoy my nails and turkey burger HERE.

NARS Vintage 2009 nailpolish collection

So NARS recently re-introduced a few of their top-selling nailpoish shades as Vintage 2009. Personally, I’m obsessed with “hunger” (second from left). This photo doesn’t do it justice…it’s much more coralish and perfect for summer. I actually get tons of compliments when I wear it and it’s also a perfect match for both silver and gold sandals!