#InstaMoments of the Week

Yet another reason I love being home in New York

I’m obsessed with my new Hofstra gold glitter tank.  Obsessed.

My newphew, aka Captain America, is camera-shy

After three years, I finally felt an earthquake while in my apartment

My neighborhood.  Stay cool, Hollywood

Instagram cut off my feet but I’m wearing a DVF dress, Sole Society black patent heels and vintage earrings that were a birthday gift from my friend Tiffany


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#InstaMoments of the Week

Black eyed Susans in Long Island, NY

Waiting at LAX

My father’s stationary MacBook.  It never leaves the desk.  And he uses a mouse.

My nephew Mark, aka Batman

Happy hour in NYC with all my besties, including Jessika, who apparently stalks my blog

My dad.  Doing dad-like things in my sister’s new house

Gift Guide: What to get your 3 year old nephew

Today is my nephew Mark’s 3rd birthday.  I can’t imagine anything else bringing so much joy to my life; he is truly the best thing my sister has ever given me and, being that he’s the only little one in my life, I am constantly one-upping my sister and parents when it comes to giving him gifts.  Here’s what I went for this year, which, is especially awesome since he’s finally at an age where he really understands and appreciates his gifts.

Next up: a real life meet and greet with iCarly.  I’m not kidding…how LA am I right now?

Kiwi Crate: My friend Devon told me about this awesome company.  They create fun craft projects for kids and then mail them directly to each child.  My Markie loves getting mail AND loves art projects so I signed him up for a 3 month membership.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Sugar Free Candy Mix: What kid doesn’t love candy?  I decided to do my sister a favor and get the sugar-free version as to not send him off into a sugar high rage.

The Children’s Place Skull Socks: There are no words for how cute these are. Win.

The Children’s Place Canvas Fedora: My nephew is quite fashionable and so I know that he’ll love this canvas fedora, especially when it gets hot and the New York summer sun comes out.