The Monday Rundown

Michael Todd Organics Charcoal Detox Cleanser: I’m always slightly skepitcal when it comes to organic beauty but I genuinely really love this charcoal cleanser.  It’s moisturizing on my dry, sensitive skin and I love how silky my skin feels after I use it. Done deal.

DKNY Sparkle Strap Watch: I’m not usually a watch girl but I love this gold sparkle version for the holidays…so cute.

Birthday cake pancakes: My birthday is in March.  But I REALLY want these birthday pancakes like RIGHT NOW.

New York state mirror: I saw this super cool mirror in this Refinery29 article and had to have it. I’m planning a gallery wall around it, right above my couch…pics to come.

Tuesday Web Candy: Hurricane Sandy Edition

I know I’m totally off my game right now with blog posts…but honestly, it just felt a little wrong with everything that’s happened on the east coast. As you all know, I’m a born-and-raised New Yorker and my entire family (BOTH sides) live in the Long Island/Manhattan/Westchester area so naturally, I’ve spent the last week worrying about everyone, and engrossed in social media, where I’ve been obsessing over all the photos of damaged lives.  I don’t want this post to be too depressing but the fact of the matter is, New York (and many other areas) is devastated from this hurricane.  Thankfully, all of my friends and family seem to be ok and had minimal damage, compared to some, but it’s things like this that really make you stop and think “what if”?  Here’s my special Tuesday Web Candy in honor of Hurricane Sandy victims and, p.s., don’t forget to VOTE!

27 heart-warming photos of pets rescued after Sandy – BuzzFeed

Gala also finds it really hard to write about beauty right now – xoJane

Buy this super chic I <3 NY dip-dyed shirt and ALL of the proceeds will go to Hurricane Sandy relief programs – StyleCaster

Strangers helping each other is one positive thing resulting from disaster – TheLuxurySpot

Kristen writes a really nice plea on how you can helpFashionStyleBeauty

Spanish flags, wedding gowns and sex toys: things NOT to donate to the Red Cross. THANKS (and Jesus Christ) – NYMag



Tuesday Web Candy

Daria NAILS. Way to go Katy Perry – SheFinds

Marchesa designs shirts for the New York Jets. My dad would be so proud – InStyle

So you’ve spotted your first gray hair…now what? – Allure

Super hero-inspired fashion picks – Style and Pepper Blog

Fun political-inspired products – TresSugar

Tips for taking better Instagram photos (also, follow me! @ItsJamieStone) – Refinery29

Another scathing story about American Apparel.  HOW is this company even still in business? – xoJane

My girl Jenn Falik breaks down her 5 rules for life on Amber’s blog – BeautyBloggingJunkie

#InstaMoments of the Week

Yet another reason I love being home in New York

I’m obsessed with my new Hofstra gold glitter tank.  Obsessed.

My newphew, aka Captain America, is camera-shy

After three years, I finally felt an earthquake while in my apartment

My neighborhood.  Stay cool, Hollywood

Instagram cut off my feet but I’m wearing a DVF dress, Sole Society black patent heels and vintage earrings that were a birthday gift from my friend Tiffany


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Life Lessons From Long Island…

I spent the last few days in New York with my family, hence the lack of posts.  I found out on Tuesday night that my mom had a heart attack and, of course, immediately flew home.  Thankfully, she’s going to be ok; she had three stents inserted into her artery (to keep it open) and the doctors say that as long as she takes her blood thinner meds and NEVER smokes again, she will be alright.  I’ve never been a fan of cigarettes…you can ask my friends and they’ll tell you how I’ve shamed them for smoking and even helped a few quit!  But when my 58-year-old mother (e.g. “waaaay too young for this shit,” as her doctor put it) had a brush with death, I couldn’t help but freak out.

Once I found out that my mom was going to be ok, I got a little nostalgic and took a drive over to my old college, Hofstra University.  My four years at Hofstra were honestly some of the best years of my life and I had a really hard time letting go of it all in the year or two after I graduated.  Walking around campus was a pretty surreal experience; seeing the class of 2016 (yes, seriously, 2016) move into their new dorms…they look SO YOUNG and so excited.  I felt genuine excitement for them and, of course, a slight twinge of jealousy.  It was then that I realized that as much as I’d like to go back, I’ve learned so much since that time and I wouldn’t change any of the experiences that I’ve had then AND since then, bad or good, for anything in the world.  My memories from college are just that…AMAZING MEMORIES.  Sitting in front of my freshman year dorm, Estabrook Hall (photo above), I thought about all of the fun (and not so fun) times I had and I had an instant smile on my face.

The above photo is the path back to Estabrook from the Student Center.  As I walked towards the split, there was a group of girls who chose the middle path.  I immediately thought: oh, they will learn that while the middle path is “prettier” the path to the right is the more direct route…and boy, will they appreciate that as soon as the temperature drops down to 40 degrees.  It was a random thought but one that made me happy…and also symbolic of the choices that we make in life and how they affect everything in your future.  Here’s to making good life decisions and choices, like not smoking or doing things that will harm you in your future.  Let me mother’s mistake be a lesson to all of us.  Life is precious, and way too short to be unhappy.

Boots, I Need Them Now

I spent this past weekend in New York for a mix of work and family fun and I have to say, I was really into the fall weather.  I pretty much forgot what seasons feel like since moving to LA and I really took pleasure in taking my nephew to the park while wearing tall boots and a blazer with a scarf.  So cozy.  One of my favorite shoe sites, Sole Society, is having a fab boots sale that you should definitely check out – all the boots are cute and, most importantly, affordable.  What are you wearing this fall?  I’m loving glitter mixed with autumn colors (left).

I’m off to New York!

So I’m off to New York for a week and I seriously can’t wait.  I haven’t seen my family since Christmas (with the brief exception of my Degree trip back in March)!  And ugh, my friends…I’m bursting with excitement.  I’m so excited, in fact, that I don’t even care that it’s going to be 97 degrees and HUMID.  Yeah, humidity is something I’d like to forget and nearly have forgotten since moving to LA.  Ah well, it will still be fun to catch up and roam around NY, 22 year old style.  Stay tuned for updates and follow me on Twitter to get the instant play-by-plays.

I’m pretty much going nomad-style and will be roaming all over from Long Island to Manhattan to Westchester and maybe even, gasp, New Jersey.