Look cute, get motivated to work out

So it’s already mid January and I’m sure that I’m not the only one that hasn’t fulfilled their New Years resolution to work out more, right?  I felt really inspired when I saw this pic of Kim and Khloe Kardashian leaving the gym in LA last week.  They’re both wearing head-to-toe PH8 and are looking comfortable enough to work out but also still super cute…what better way to multi-task and maybe, just maybe, pick up a dude? Anyway, this is my new strategy- look cute at the gym, tone up and maybe get some dates out of it.  Boom.

PH8 stores grand openings!

So maybe you’ve seen all the buzz on the hottest new brand, PH8?  The stores are finally launching nationwide and to make this even better, here are two amazing coupons that you can print out and bring in for discounts!  25% off a coat (if you live somewhere cold) and 25% off a super cute Funnel Dress if you live somewhere a bit warmer!  Enjoy.


Bebe’s newest fashion line, PH8


So pretty amazing news- Bebe Sport is being turned into PH8, a super chic new line pronounced “fate,” it’s a cross of chic fashion and fitness clothing and accessories that are not only comfortable but also super cute. Bebe president Tara Poseley says “The collection speaks to a total lifestyle and is targeted toward a woman who doesn’t want to look like she is trying too hard to be sexy… but has an effortless attraction about her that exudes confidence and a sense of playfulness.” Maybe this new line will motivate me to actually work out…we’ll see.