Physique 57…Los Angeles

So I’ve been on a really big fitness kick lately so when I heard that the famed Physique 57 was opening up its first Los Angeles location, I was super excited to check it out.  I brought my partner-in-crime, Sydne Summer, along so I’d have someone to laugh with when I failed miserably at keeping up with this class that’s known through out Manhattan as “death by Physique 57.”  True story.

We started out with some hand weight exercises, which was surprisingly pretty easy for me (thank you to my trainers!!!).  We went through a series of fast paced exercise movements that all echoed parts of ballet, yoga and pilates, which I love.  The barre activites were natural to me with my background in ballet and it actually really motivated me to look into taking some adult ballet classes again, a la Broadway Dance in New York City.  For me, I’d say the hardest part of this class was definitely when we put the Physique balls behind our knees and did a series of flexing movements.  I never realized how out of shape my calves are!  Overall the Physique 57 class was an amazing workout and I couldn’t recommend the instructor more.  She was super enthusiastic and supportive…especially when I looked like I was about to die, she would come over and cheer me on.  If you’re looking for a great workout in NYC (and now LA), you should definitely head over to Physique 57.