It’s Happened: Romy and Michele in Post-it note dresses

People, I don’t know how I just saw this but  you know, everything happens for a reason.  You see, my ten year high school reunion is next month, ugh, yes…it’s true.  Honestly, I would probably go if it weren’t one, in New York and two, the day after Thanksgiving when flights are more than $600.  Seriously.  Part of me is sad that I’ll be missing what is supposed to be such an epic event but the other part of me doesn’t give a damn. Ha.  I mean, we have Facebook now so it’s not like I don’t know what 90% of my classmates are up to, right?  And news flash, it’s mostly getting engaged and getting married.  Snooze.

“Remember that time I got mono? God, that was like the best. diet. ever.”

The one part that makes me slightly sad is the fact that I worshipped the 90s classic Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion and I remember watching it and thinking “that’s totally gonna be me one day.”  My two high school BFF’s even joked “oh, you’re totally the blonde in the white pantsuit.  And yes, see below.  To note, I’m totally bummed that I couldn’t find a full pic of said white pantsuit because alas, it is truly epic.  Next steps, buy this movie on DVD cause I still have the VHS tape which means that I cannot watch it.

Lisa Luder, alleged fashion editor from Tuscon, Arizona