Obsessed: Tarte Clean Slate 12-Hour Perfecting Primer

I’m so into primers these days and, after trying this version from Tarte Cosmetics, I’m totally obsessed. The Clean Slate 12-Hour Perfecting Primer is in the most adorable packaging (obviously I’m already sucked in) and my skin actually feels silky after I put it on.  I LOVE that feeling. And even though I don’t have particularly large pores, I do appreciate the fact that this primer really diffuses fine lines and lasts for up to 12 hours…cause really, there’s nothing worse than catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror around 8pm and realizing that your makeup is ALL OVER your face, and not in the spots that it SHOULD be.

I Love It. You Win It: Hourglass Cosmetics No. 28 Primer Serum

I’m pretty into primers so when a friend told me that I simply must try out Hourglass Cosmetics, I obviously went right for their No. 28 Primer Serum.  It’s super silky and luxurious and helps strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier, even out pores and create a smooth, even texture for makeup.  And, fun fact, the “28” stands for the fact that the formula includes 14 essential oils, 10 lipid-rich plant oils and four vitamins.  And for you math genius’, that number totals 28.

Want one? You should.  

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Fusion Beauty PrimeResults Anti-Redness Primer

So I’ve always been a primer skeptic but recently I tried out Fusion Beauty PrimeResults Anti-Redness Primer and I have to say, I’m now a believer.  I always thought primers were all marketing hype to get you to spend more money on additional items that you “must use” but ok, I can admit when I’m wrong…and I was wrong this time. 

What I love about this line of primers (there are 3 others!) is that you can pick one that’s uniquely for you.  I chose the Anti-Redness Primer because well, I have a mild case of Rosacea that drives me bonkers.  The shade of this product instantly neutralizes the appearance of inflammation and transformed the red patches on my skin into a lighter, peachy tone.  But if you have acne, need some help fighting wrinkles or think you need some brightening up, there are 3 other primers from Fusion Beauty that are right for you.  Love it.