Purple Lab on HSN!

I was lucky enough to be asked to participate in Purple Lab’s “Girls Night In” in honor of Purple Lab’s debut on HSN!  BIG news- HUGE for the amazing brand and I was thrilled to be involved.  After receiving my “party in a box,” I was super excited to have my friend’s over for the 11pm show this past Friday and then, after trying out the products, I was even more excited for Karen and her fabulous brand.  If you’re not familiar, Karen is a well-known New York writer and an all around inspiring person.  You can read the full story on Purple Lab here but in the mean time, you NEED to start shopping.  My favorite?  Well besides the original product, Huge Lips Skinny Hips, my new favorite is Cheek Implants.  I’m not really a regular blush girl since my face is usually just a little bit rosey naturally BUT this blush ROCKS.  It’s inspired by runway looks and glides across the skin while plumping, lifting and enhancing cheek bones.  Sign me up.