A/X and Elle Night of Disco Glam Hosted by Joe Zee

So last week I attended a fabulous event with the even more fabulous Sydne Summer, the A/X and Elle Night of Disco Glam Hosted by Joe Zee.  As soon as we arrived, we saw Gabrielle Union step onto the red carpet and about two seconds later, we saw Rachel Zoe and her assistant Brad scrambling through the crowd to get their turn in front of the paps.  The event was definitely eventful…especially after I finally saw Kim Kardashian in real life – the rumors are true.  Her butt is HUGE.  Check out some photos from the fun night.

(me, Joe Zee from Elle, Mark Weyland from WWD)

(Rachel Zoe, Katharine McPhee, Jamie Lynn Sigler)

(Kim Kardashian reading the June issue of Elle)

(Gabrielle Union)

Project Taylor and Brad

So I’m mildly obsessed with all things Rachel Zoe and when I saw this amazing feature on the less publicized Taylor and Brad, I had to read and share.  Taylor’s gone off on her own but Brad is still on Team Zoe but it’s completely adorbale that they’re still friends.  Make sure you also check out the additional photos were they style each otherPaperMag is pretty genius.

Taylor Jacobson has left Rachel Zoe, Inc.!

So I just read this article on People.com and I’m sure that I’m not the only person who isn’t shocked.  Taylor Jacobson has left Rachel Zoe, Inc!  I’m completely obsessed with the Rachel Zoe Project, as are many, so if you’re also an avid watcher, you know that all Taylor did was basically complain about everything.  As annoying as it was was to listen to the constant bitching, it was evident that Taylor IS actually good at what she does.  BTW- loooove the coat she wears in the above photo.  Here’s what her statement email said:

“After four amazing years at Rachel Zoe Corporation, I’m saddened and exhilarated at the same time to announce my departure. After much thought and consideration, I have decided to take the challenging leap to go off and style on my own.”

Rachel Zoe’s The Zoe Report

So my obsession for all things Rachel Zoe has now be reinforced by her new Web site and her new email newsletter, The Zoe Report. Make sure you check out her Web site and sign up for the newsletter…one can only dream what fashion and style lovers will have in store. It’s totally bananas. I die. Ok, that was cheesy.

Cartier Panthere de Cartier Collection

So I’ve always had a fondness for all things leopard. I even actually dressed up as a leopard for Halloween several years in a row when I was younger and the obsession didn’t end there. My latest craze is Cartier’s Panthere Collection, as seen sported on Rachel Zoe, another minor obsession. These bold rings and accessories make a huge statement and maybe one day I’ll even be able to afford one! haha.

Zoe, Rachel

So I’ve had a mild obsession with Rachel Zoe since I met her at Super Saturday two summers ago. She is, indeed, just as skinny as she looks on TV, btw, but also super nice! I saw her (and remember this is right around when all the Nicole Richie hooplah started) and all I could mumble out was “hi, I’m a huge fan…” and she smiled and said “OH! Thank you!” and sort of waited for me to elaborate…but I couldn’t. Ha. Annnyway, I LOOOVE her show on Bravo (The Rachel Zoe Project) and I also love her style…regardless of what anyone says about her. Fashion is fashion and SHE has changed things the past 2 years.