Brilliant Idea: RentTheRunway.com

Lately I’ve been saying the classic quote “why didn’t I think of that?” to myself a lot.  I think the old quarter life crisis has been rearing it’s ugly head since a few of my friends and family have been working on/contemplating grad school, coming up with amazing business ideas and generally just doing really innovative things with their life…which, of course, makes me feel like I need to come up with an equally, if not better, idea.

Enter RentTheRunway.com.  I was invited to an event at one of my favorites, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, so naturally, I was excited to attend.  What makes this such a “I went to Harvard Business school idea” (and yes, I’m coining this term) is that dude, dresses are expensive.  In a town like LA or NYC, you’re probably going to two or three events per week and how many times can you really wear that LBD?  This is a problem that I always have.  Texts go back and forth with friends that say “what are you wearing?  I hate everything that I own and everything that I don’t hate, I’ve worn in the last two weeks.”  The absolute WORST.  With Rent The Runway, you can literally rent dresses, accessories, and jewlery for any special event that you have…and I’m talking like NICE dresses too.  Sure, you might be giving up $100 bucks but you’re getting a designer dress so it’s especially awesome if you know there will be tons of photos happening.  I mean, celebs borrow their clothes so why shouldn’t you?