Gift Idea: Anti road rage (for yourself)

So I’ll be the first to admit that I have a wee bit of a temper.  Along with this, often comes road rage and now that I’ve been driving again (after not driving for almost 5 years), I’ve been getting reaallllly frustrated.  First of all, I’m a phenomenal driver…no matter what any of my friends or family might tell you.  Second of all, my biggest complaint about LA drivers is that they are completely inconsiderate.  Examples, you say?  OK.  Let’s start with today- I stopped at my bank and went right to the area for “compact cars.”  Now I’m no car expert but a Cadillac Escalade is in no way, shape or form a COMPACT CAR.  I sat and watched this Ed Hardy-wearing douche bag pull into the compact spot and just nearly miss cars on BOTH sides.  Now most people would’ve just murmured “asshole” and kept driving.  No, not me…not today.  I waited and watched him open his driver side door and figure out that he couldn’t, in fact, get out because he was THAT close to the car next to him.  He saw me laughing at him…which is probably when I should’ve driven away but no, not me…not today.  I continued to sit there and watch as he pulled out a bit and rearranged himself so that now he was about half an inch away from the car on his right side so that he could now open his driver side door enough to slip through.  The best part?  There were plenty of regular-sized spaces just a few rows down but this particular ass bag was just THAT lazy and obviously didn’t want to walk.  As he squeezed through the crack, all I could think about was “if that was my car, I would cut this guy…” and then I rolled my window down, laughed, and said “that’s a really nice ‘compact car’ you’ve got there” and then drove away.

I laughed to myself and thought “my GOD, I am crazy” and was reminded of these little printed notes (above) that I used to keep in my car during High School when finding a parking spot was like war.  My friends and I used to get so many laughs out of leaving these little sarcastic notes on the cars of other high school students who were either stupid, bad drivers or just didn’t give a shit.  Well now I’m brining them back and I had to share.  Print them out and don’t let these a-holes get away with being an inconsiderate driver!

haa, Happy Holidays, right?