What Jamie is…

I tweet a lot.  And, after seeing my girl Amber’s post on what she’s currently watching and listening to, I felt the need to share because this week has been REAL.  Side note, if you’re not already reading Amber’s blog, you should be.  So do it.

Here’s what’s on my radar as of right now…

Listening To:







Josh and Ross – Two of my favorite comedians (and, full disclosure- Ross is a friend) have joined forces in this new, hilarious radio show.  He said, he said is pretty accurate.  Expect lots of sarcasm and laughs…two of my favorite things.










Sh*t Fashion Girls Say On The Internet – P’Trique is back!  And, he’s basically living my life.  Plus guest cameos from the Man Repeller and Rebecca Black. Win, sort of win.















YSL Devoted To Fans Palette – I use the term “pure genius” quite lightly but this is 100% IT.  Inspired by Facebook, yes, FACEBOOK, YSL (the brand still changing its name to Saint Laurent Paris) will release a four-color palette that is inspired by Facebook’s colors.  The palette can be purchased on YSL’s facebook page starting TODAY for $55.  Only 1,650 palettes will be released worldwide (and only 500 in the U.S.) so grab them up ASAP.