Salon Review: Platinum Salon

So some of you may remember back in early December when I blogged about how I was in desperate need for some kind of change…well I did it. I got bangs. I don’t know why I made this into a huge production (do I ever know why?) but I think I was scared since I have so little hair. Anyhow, I was offered the opportunity to review a new and chic spot in Chelsea called Platinum Salon. Rick, the owner and head stylist, has done an amazing job with this new beauty mecca. Not only do they offer all the hair services you can imagine, but they also nail services, waxing and intriguing body treatments like Brazilian slimming and body wraps and herbal detox tea wraps.

I had the pleasure of one of Platinum’s “platinum” stylists, who all have over 10 years experience, who was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and patient- even during my “are you sure bangs will look ok? You can tell me the truth” rant. With Kristen Bell’s photo as my inspiration, we took the plunge and I have to say, I left with a BIG smile on my face. I will definitely go back to Platinum and would reccomend it to my friends…especially since the prices are NYC reasonable and the service is top-notch. It’s hard to find a quality salon in New York City that doesn’t cost a fortune but still does a good job. Platinum Salon is it.