Sex and The City 2

So last Thursday I was treated to a fun girl’s night courtesy of SJP NYC, Sarah Jessica Parker’s latest fragrance.  My friend Nadine got the opportunity to invite three of her girlfriends to dinner, the movie on opening night, a limo to get there and, best of all, Magnolia cupcakes!  We had a great sushi dinner before the 10:30 showing and definitely enjoyed taking the limo cause, let’s face it, LA traffic and parking sucks.

The verdict?  Well, we all liked the fragrance SJP NYC but the movie?  Ehh.  It was entertaining, obviously, but we all agreed that it was way too long and the story was lacking.  However, I did find a few great fashion moments.

(My absolute favorite look in the movie- Miranda at Stanford and Anthony’s wedding)

(I’m obsessed with these earrings)

(Only Samantha would wear this at a pool – love it)(Though I absolutely despise the fact that Carrie cheated on her husband only to come home to this black diamond ring by Itay Malkin, I have to admit that I do love it.)

The Carrie Diaries (revealed)!

So People.com just broke the news on The Carrie Diaries, and we all die.  Sadly Sex and the City 2 isn’t scheduled to come out until May 28, 2010 so it’s really just perfect timing that Candace Bushnell is releasing The Carrie Diaries, a teen prequel, on April 27, 2010, ugggh.  I can’t wait that long.  According to People.com, the book is set during Carrie Bradshaw’s high school years and “details the budding fashionista’s early relationships and how she began her career as a writer.”  I’m already freaking out.  I always thought it was super weird that the only time she ever mentions her family is when she briefly talks about how her dad walked out on her and her mom when she was a toddler.  Then there’s never even one mention or scene with her mom.  So odd.  I guess all will be explained come April 27th.